HiRes Textures Feature (SVN - v1.2)
Sorry for starting another thread on the current development, but I still don't get this one. Maybe some mapper has already found out how the new hires textures feature is supposed to work.

So far I got told the following:

1. graphics setting: /texreduce 0 (edited typo)
2. graphics setting: /hirestextures 1
3. maps config: texture 2 "filepath"

By this the texture should be rendered with 64 texels on 32 pixels, doubled resolution so to speak. For an easy check up, I just use some default texture loading it once with texture 0 and once with texture 2, which should result in the latter texture to be shrinked to half the original size. However, it doesn't change anything for me.

Is there something I'm missing out?

Thanks in advance!
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textreduce isn't a command.
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If I get it correctly it's hires by default but you can scale it down for better performance with /hirestextures s

tbh I haven't tried that feature yet.
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I think a modified 1.1 client already offers that, maybe it's the same feature from the SVN.
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Are Hi-Rez textures set per map or is it something like /texturescale 64?
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Er, what? I was not aware of this feature and I like to consider myself pretty up-to-date on the SVN progress.
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I'm with you on that one RR.

As far as I know some code was implemented for a future hi-res textures feature, but since makkE retired there are no hi-res textures to work with. (so it subsequently was never finished code-wise, again, AFAIK)

If you guys are using the term "hi-res" to refer to default textures at /texreduce 0, get a better term. :P
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(14 Jun 13, 11:18AM)SKB Wrote: Are Hi-Rez textures set per map or is it something like /texturescale 64?

Wow, if we could pick the texturescale on each textures from the .cfg, it would be awesome! (another great idea)
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[*] Textures can now have a non-default scale, definable through the texture command.
This change is a preliminary change introducing hi-res textures.

Oh dear, I obviously overread something here. Seems like in fact it hasn't been installed yet. Well, I guess lucas didn't get my PM-request correctly then. Otherwise he sure would have cleared me up on my mistake already.

However, as far as I was told it is planned to make use of the parameter on the texture command in the config, which at the moment is always 0 (texture 0 "filepath"). By setting this to 2 the texture would be displayed 64 texels on 32 pixels, which is practically high resolution.

To be honest, it's one of the features I've been looking forward to the most, besides auto-download of missing media of course. I do hope someone's getting his hands on this, since this would be quite a huge and at the same time fairly cheap step towards "modern" graphics in my opinion.

Don't mind about high resolution textures. I guess I'm not the only one who would happily make those for AC.

Finally, sorry for the irritation caused.
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