Sniper zoom server hack
Okay so for some reason when I joined a server the sniper rifle's zoom sensitivity was hacked so it was the dollar sign with a word in front of it instead of the usual number I had. It must have made the sensitivity really low because when I scoped I couldn't move it at all. I left the server and changed it back to 1 but then the keybind for zooming got erased. I tried to change it back to what I had before, which was right clicking, but it wouldn't change back to that. When I clicked the mouse the menu just went back one page. So eventually I gave up with trying to get that to work and just set it to clicking the wheel, or Mouse 3, and it stayed there. The only problem is, when I click the mouse wheel, nothing happens even though the keybind stays. I think the server might have changed something because I've never had a problem binding right click to things before in AC. Can anyone please help? I have no clue what to do!
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Start AC.
Go to Settings -> Reset all settings -> yes
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Common problem, but it probably isn't related to the server. Nothing was "hacked". If I recall, renaming your saved.cfg (just add an underscore to it) should fix this. Or just reset all settings. All your binds will be gone if you didn't save them elsewhere.
Edit: Yar beat me.
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Go to your AC folders>config>autoexec > and youd write it :

bind "MOUSE2" [ setscope 1; sensitivity $zsens; onrelease [ setscope 0 ; sensitivity $msens ] ]
alias "msens" [1.5]
alias "zsens" [0.5]

you change the 1.5 and 0.5 with what you want.
alias "msens" [1.5] is the sensitivity without the scope
alias "zsens" [0.5] is your scope sensitivity

It worked for me, i hope it will for you.
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Resetting your settings should do the trick. Just go to options and reset all settings.
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btw, win for thinking it was hacked
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"teh server haxored my client settingz"
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