map pack and modding help!!!!
im very new to the game have it for mac. i just downloaded a map pack but i don't know how to get them into the game. Also, custom skins look cool and i would like to know how to do that as well as modding too.thanks for the help!!!
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You can easily browse to the game data by clicking the button when you launch AC:

[Image: screenshot38.png]

When you're in that folders it's quite the same as on Win (i think)
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^^ That is incorrect

•Right-Click on AssaultCube (or control-Click)
•Open contents
•Open gamedata
•Open packages
•Maps go in 'maps' folder
•Skins go in 'models' -> 'playermodels' -> 'custom'
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Thank you Dreamer.

There is (for some crazy reason) a separate place where all the good stuff is, i.e. the place Dreamer is directing you to.

In the show files folder you have screenshots, demos, custom maps, and pretty much nothing else. You can make a file in there for custom skins by making a new folder entitled custom in the playermodels folder. I did this and used it successfully until i found out where all the gamedata was.

you do know how to properly use custom skins, right?
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