Custom content archive/package
Hello AC,
I've made myself a microsoft skydrive account and uploaded all the mapmodels, textures, and map sounds that I've collected over a while now. Also, skydrive has 20gb free storage <3
Anyways this is mainly for custom content, so here's the link to download:


note - right click on the file and click download
Also, you have to make a skydrive/hotmail account to download the bigger files.

I will update the files whenever i get a few new ones.
In the zip files you will find windows and linux instruction on how to add them into the ac folders so they work, but I just need someone to tell me how to add mapmodels, sounds, and textures to ac on a mac.

side note - some mapmodels/textures/sounds are not entirely from ac, they are mixed from suberden and maybe other games? that are in use in some maps I've seen.

side note 2 - this does include most of the stuff from akimbo, but not all of DES|Cleaner's akimbo custom content uploads because I'm too lazy to d/l them all 1 by 1..

Other than that.. enjoy!
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