Found a fake person.....
Hi guys...i found a person copying Santiagoz's here is the ip i found is 189.25.217.x ... that's all i got in search today....
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Unfortunately, this isn't very helpful without the demo and SS :s
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A credit card number would help, as well.
When you get all the evidence together, make sure to put it in this thread.
And try to use only as many punctuation marks as necessary, to keep the readers interested.
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Include the dev
Include the curse word
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Its morse code! its says the red car is in the field only in the summer.

I suspect a conspiracy.
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I forgot what server i just found that fake screenshot just deleted...i think i can't download the demos
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Every person using a nickname is a fake.

I'll let you ponder on that while fraggin some half-brained crippled players
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