Whatta..........why am i got banned?
Whatta......why am i got banned on ##GEMA SERVER by Chidori? i was do nothing....i was watching Television afk 30 minutes and i back playing but i'm in out from the server...so i connect again and then the it said you got banned...Please tell me the reason why?
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Ask the server admin, you shouldn't start threads if it's just one server.
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but...that gema server is my favorite server.... i can ask,talking,playing gemas,and solving problem...
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Yes ONYX, I feel you. One of the best servers on AC right now, and populated with awesome people 95% of the time. You dont need to be fragggin, so you can just chill and talk with nice guys and gals, or play some gemas!
The same that has happened to you, has happened to me once, almost insta banned on connect.
I believe its some admin (maybe borscht himself) because of the Ip you used to connect to the server, which might be on the same range of that of a known cheater, gema killer, ....
Just try to connect later on in the day, or you can try turning off your router for 3 minutes, and then turning it on again, so that way your IP changes and hopefully you are able to connect again.
Hope this helped, see you there!
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(31 Aug 12, 10:26PM)paulmuaddibKA Wrote: ...you can try turning off your router for 3 minutes, and then turning it on again, so that way your IP changes...
This advice should be given with a warning. Firstly, it depends entirely on your ISP's leasing policy and their IP block assignations. Sometimes your IP will never change (static IP or long lease time) and sometimes it may be a new IP in the same narrow block of IPs. Secondly, it's ban evasion, and could be seen by a server owner as a reason to blacklist you permanently.
Well-run servers give you contact info by pressing the F9 key when that server is highlighted in your server list.
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It last 20 mins, you might as well got banned for innactivity by someone else, just do as Jamz said and don't avoid your ban.
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What jamz said + jackrock + chocolate and cookies.
That would make you happy while the ban lasts.
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bans on chidori server is 1.5 hrs

he told me :/

its Sveark that innocently blacklists people
i was told that he did
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just wait for the ban to end. /end
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