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ACWC 2012 Awards
I'm very happy to be able to anounce these lovely awards designed by Bigben
(who also designed the ACWC logo)!

[Image: EUTjCh.jpg]

[Image: jCgC8h.jpg]

[Image: nRfjlh.jpg]

The following awards were judged by admins and referees.

[Image: XbPExh.jpg]
(for his clutch against Finland in desert3 as CLA, watch from 6:00 remaining)

[Image: 34l1Gh.jpg]

[Image: co6eIh.jpg]

[Image: omPczh.jpg]

[Image: 81Kphh.jpg]

[Image: vnfNWh.jpg]
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Where is my award?

Best 4 hp sniper rush ever.

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Congratulations to all the teams and for the diferents winners, I hope you appreciate the design :D

Enjoy it ans cya next year
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HAHah great awards, good job to everyone!
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Congrats to everybody!
Nice award pictures too!
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Good job to everyone that participated!
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Congrats to ACWC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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What is a clutch in Ac?:o
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To call someone a clutch in games means someone that acted well under pressure in a game, like if you need a flag to win and it's 15 seconds left and you're able to get it and win for your team.
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congratulations to france, australia and germany \o/ . i was looking forward to every single demo-release and really enjoyed watching the matches. great entertainment right there. :)
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I cant believe you let the surrender monkeys win
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(05 Aug 12, 12:48PM)Sanzo Wrote: Where is my award?

Best 4 hp sniper rush ever.

got a demo?
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Congrats to everyone on this tourney, and thanks to the admins for doing such a great work.
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(13 Aug 12, 08:59AM)SKB Wrote: got a demo?

See Harrek's post in the match thread. It will be in the first demo.
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gongratz and wow nice pics!!
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nice vrave dig.
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5 days from auto close, or something like that.
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