There are a couple of posts which have errors because of Jv impersonating someone else.
Firstly, markeloff is not the same markeloff who started in the ESL games. The IP in Mystered's post (provided by jackrock/hgf-arg) is Jv. The markeloff who started playing in ESL game is FeeH.
FeeH., who is permanently CBL'd, usually plays in the folowing IP ranges:
These ranges don't affect any other recognised, good players, but there are some occasional pub players. If you run a private server, and you're not blacklisting these ranges, you are simply inviting FeeH. to come and cheat on your server.
Jv has many IPs and it looks like he moves around a lot as they are from different ISPs. His 'home' IP ranges are shared with a couple of other known Brazilians, so I won't list them again here. He was on the BoB and TyD BLs, the last time I checked.

Secondly, Hermi, on that IP, is also Jv. Hermi's IP ranges are different. I won't list them in full, as I have no evidence of him cheating, but they are always 187.10, 187.34, 187.74/5, 187.101, 189.110, 200.232, 201.13, 201.92. He simply doesn't overlap IPs with Jv.

tldr; those two reports of cheating are both Jv, although the genuine markeloff is a known cheat anyway.
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Not sure if Jv/FeeH. uses the name .#SyH|M4rt often, but he has hacked under that name too >.>

Quote:.M4rt is .FeeH - he's already permanently blacklisted, but had an IP address from a new range.
.sm0k3 is .Dark^ - It's not as obvious that he's cheating; he may not be, since he's never been blacklisted.

I'm glad he/she is CBL'ed.
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Two different players.

Feeh = Champion = markeloff (Nick CS) = Cheater

.sm0k3. = .Dark ^ = no cheater (not PROVED)

I believe that. Dark ^ does not use cheater. He plays well, especially with sniper. Saw him win (2 years ago) players like: Wolf - West - Lecok

Mod edit: Removed clan tag
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Good job Jamz!
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yes xD
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RE: AC 1.1 _obvious_ cases of cheat
(03 Aug 12 04:11PM)hgf-arg Wrote:  
(03 Aug 12 04:01PM)jAcKRoCk* Wrote:  
(02 Aug 12 03:34PM)Mystered Wrote:  
// Name: markeloff
// Ban date: 2 / 8 / 12
// Ban reason: Wallhack
// Proof : http://www.mediafire.com/?l4ypcuol4g3yoxx
//Partial IP

Proof 1 (Joins At 1:45 Minutes)

Proof 2 In this one he first disconnects and when he returns he doesn't use the hitbox swtich, he at some parts shows knoledge of where the other player is looking trough walls, and at some part of the demo he says "i am cheat noob"

Proof 3

Full IP :

he is MCNNM|Jv , markeloff , NaVi markeloN , SSGT?|OveR! .... he have many nicks ... he has dynamic ip, therefore believe that it is impossible to banish him

He is Brazilian, live in Rio de Janeiro .
[18:56:25] Navi markeloN: I've played with my ip
[18:56:29] Navi markeloN: japanese
[18:56:30] Navi markeloN: (worry)
[18:56:33] Navi markeloN n
[18:56:36] Navi markeloN: when I activate
[18:56:42] Navi markeloN: the program
[18:56:48] Navi markeloN: it shuts down my net
[18:56:50] Navi markeloN: remaning up to 1 minute
[18:56:54] Navi markeloN: and when back another ip

Link to SS , Link to Demo

// Name: markeloff aka Jv , MCNNM|Jv , SSGT?|OveR! , Hermi ,Hermione,Dante,Hurley,Collin,Maac ....
// Ban date: 2 / 8 / 12
// Ban reason: Wallhack and Aimbot
// Proof : http://www.mediafire.com/?l4ypcuol4g3yoxx / http://www.mediafire.com/?zegaroubrrg08cz

//Partial IP
187.126.122.x / 187.126.148.x

Cheaters need to understand that using this type of program destroys the fun of all. This is a game for fun, no need to cheat! If you can not be good enough to win honestly, practice more. PLEASE ! Respect all players.

Sorry for my english.

He told me that now, will start use ip from other countries." USA"

Marcus Schlanger is me.

[13:55:19] Yeagor Markelov: agora vo começar a usa
[13:55:21] Yeagor Markelov: de outro país
[13:55:23] Yeagor Markelov: hahahja
[13:55:25] .Marcus Schlanger!: usa
[13:55:28] Yeagor Markelov: agora sou american
[13:55:30] Yeagor Markelov: :D
[13:55:42] Yeagor Markelov: america fii
[13:55:44] Yeagor Markelov: :D
[13:55:52] Yeagor Markelov: who are u ?
[13:56:00] Yeagor Markelov: i dont know your name in assaultcube
[13:56:00] Yeagor Markelov: :D
[13:56:16] Yeagor Markelov: now
[13:56:17] Yeagor Markelov: i was playing in ac
[13:56:25] Yeagor Markelov: eu sou o Sexy
[13:56:30] Yeagor Markelov: eu sou hax ?
[13:56:36] Yeagor Markelov: man os cara nem chamo
[13:56:39] Yeagor Markelov: os cara falo que jogo bem
[13:56:41] Yeagor Markelov: :D
[13:56:43] Yeagor Markelov: pq eu jogo
[13:56:56] Yeagor Markelov: pq eles sabem que n uso o cara viu a demo umas 10 vezes
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OMG if this fucking idiot use my IP i will find this piss of shit (sorry for language)and i will take he's head off and i will play some game whit he's head
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(10 Sep 12, 10:54AM)HarDZi!nN+ Wrote: OMG if this fucking idiot use my IP i will find this piss of shit (sorry for language)and i will take he's head off and i will play some game whit he's head

[Image: you-must-be-killed-here-abb.png]
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(10 Sep 12, 10:54AM)HarDZi!nN+ Wrote: he's head

[Image: head2.jpg]
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