Is there is an easy way to make a LAN server?
The master server issues have got me confused... how do I make a LAN server now?
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-m localhost
to your server's command line to have it not contact the masterserver. If your ports are forwarded correctly clients should still be able to /connect to the server and/or clients on a LAN connection will see it in their LAN connect menu.
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-mlocalhost is one way.
from my opinion, any failed register on masterserver's server is lan server
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I tried it once and i didn't work, after it i restarted the server with -m localhost and it worked...
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The masterserver has nothing to do with LAN gaming.

-mlocalhost will keep the server from registering, and if you have not set up port forwarding for people outside to connect, your server is unreachable from the internet in any way and form. That's probably everything there's to do to be honest...
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If you dont forward your ports correctly then the masterserver will not ping you.

This means that the masterserver (well it used t be automatic at least) does NOT recognize your server and it cannot be connected to from the internet.

If your ports are not forwarded correctly or not forwarded at all, then if you do the run server command you will get a LAN (Local area network) server.

An LAN server will be only accessible within your own network, that is your house I'm guessing and all computers using its router. Therefore no one outside of your network can connect.

There are situations (sometimes risky :P hehe) where a LAN server can be useful. For example, if you are in high school and your school has an internet network you can set up an LAN server on a school computer. Your friend and you can use this server together as long as all the players are using the school's network. I say risky because if a teacher sees that you are using the bandwidth for a game you can get in some deep shit. :)
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Viper, i set this game up as a school tournament. Its LAN, it doesnt use bandwidth... does it? LoL
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I'll only slow down the internet for other schoolmates / teachers...
What i do with friends is easy setup a network with my own computer (MacBook) and friends can just connect it via Wifi...
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At school, the tourney is at lunch, so it doesnt effect schoolwork. Out network is already f****ed. Bloody viruses. Massive worm :(
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At my school it works splendidly. MAC POWER!!!!
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(21 Jun 10, 06:47AM)MathiasB Wrote: Sure?
I tried it once and i didn't work, after it i restarted the server with -m localhost and it worked...

well last time i tried on school with masterserver and obviously it did not work. but my friends were able to connect to the "server". and we had fun game. ( 3 people to be exactly)
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logging started: console(INFO), file(INFO, "serverlog_20100621_23.55.21_local#28
763.txt"), syslog(DISABLED), timestamp(DISABLED)
logging local AssaultCube server (version 1041, protocol 1128/104) now..
read 39 map rotation entries from 'config\maprot.cfg'
read 0 admin passwords from 'config\serverpwd.cfg'
read 2 (2) blacklist entries from 'config\serverblacklist.cfg', 0 errors
read 0 + 0 entries from nickname blacklist file 'config\nicknameblacklist.cfg',
0 errors
dedicated server started, waiting for clients...
Ctrl-C to exit
looking up localhost...
WARNING: could not connect
(Scrollbar, by the way)
I can connect to the server it creates, and others on the LAN can see it and it's stats (that it's a deathmatch, what the map is, etc,) but nobody but me can actually connect.

I was going to use it for a game between three people all currently staying at my house, but in my day, I have set up several LAN games on a school connection... x3
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Allow the server through your firewall maybe? Sounds like it could be the problem if you're the only one that is able to connect. Either that or your ports are not forwarded.


Ignore this:
WARNING: could not connect
in your logs - it just means it didn't establish a connection to a masterserver, which is what you WANT, hence -m localhost...
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Try getting the other clients to connect with /lanconnect or /connect 192.168.blah, depending on your internal IP address, instead of using the menu.
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