Official AC Olympics
The Assault Cube Olympics

PaulMuadDibKA reporting for duty! And again im trying to involve the community in another of my crazy projects, this one I like to call, The AC Olympics, lol XD.
What would the AC Olympics be? Well, there are two sides of the coin. The official one (the one I want to focus on), and the "non-official".*
This will put to test various skills to determine who is currently the best in each category, and, even thought this is intended just a a fun feature, dont expect these to be easy tasks!

Official AC Olympics
-10 categories. Individual medals for each.
-Different awards given, XD
-Player with most wins gets 1st place, etc...

Triple jump(Shooting)
Work your way through the given courses. Most rounds completed wins.
-2 full clips available. Remaining bullets give bonus points.
If tie then the winners go to round two.
-First course (not touching the floor): ac_power, from pilar close to cla´s armor, triple jump towards rvsf base. To go to next round reach the first wall.-Second course (not touching the floor): ac_complex, from the barrel at the side of rvsf right exit, to the left exit of rvsf. To go next round pass the bridge.
-Third course (not touching the floor): ac_desert3? See HP´s and Undead´s video to see how that goes. Yet to be decided if towards CLA or RVSF.
-Fourth course: ac_scafold, from rvsf middle exit, to the box and to the upper level. Reach the upper surface to qualify.
-Fifth course: ac_urban, from door with nade at left of rvsf base, to bridge and towards path with stairs far right of base. To complete get into tunnel.

Marathon(No shooting)
Flag marathon, who will be capable of scoring the most number of flags in 5 minutes in ac_sunset? But there are rules! No going back the same way you went, and no repeating the same course back to back. (If to score blue flag I went mid, next time I get blue flag I have to go left or right).

Rifle Sprinting Marathon
Same as above, but with rifle sprinting available and in ac_gothic. Same rules apply, no backtracking, and courses cant be completed consecutively.

You have to kill three objectives who are in a teabagging motion behind a box in ac_XXX. Fastest time wins. HS dont give double points.

(Shooting)Sniper course
Hit the different targets in the fastest time possible, all targets will have 20 HP left, so aim for the head to gain precious milliseconds! Best overall time wins.
-ac_iceroad from the bridge.
-ac_keller from the bridge.
*1 hs - 0.3
*2 hs - 0.6
*3 hs - 0.9
*4 hs - 1.2
*5 hs - 1.5

In AC_elevation, rifle sprint, swim, and run trying to get the fastest time from rvsf flag to cla and back, twice! The following conditions apply: You have to get the ammo box that lies in the water four times (back and forth), and at the end you must suicide with a nade.

Backwards jumping course (No shooting)
In ac_douze, complete the course from the no camping sign to the window at the other side, and back, through the pillar and armor, and suicide at the end with the grenade. Done three times, time starts when you pick akimbo, end when you suicide. The player with lowest total time wins.

Endurance(No shooting)
Survive the longest in a bot match in ac_douze.
Must be CLA
Must get the floating helmet in the next 15 seconds after spawn.
If your next spawn is out of that area run as fast as possible there...
Total best three times achieved in a round count.
Must stay in the brown colored area:

?????Gymnastics(No shooting)
Go through all the pick ups in ac_aqueus in the fastest time possible. There are "only" 28! (+1 extra akimbo!)
Time begins when you get akimbo, ends in akimbo as well.
If a tie then we do ac_depot!

Obstacle course(No shooting)
Complete the given route in ac_power in the lowest time following the rules for each part of the course. Penalties apply if task not completed. If tie then ?.
Finish the course with three nades.
100% armor.
Full clips.
Dont touch the floor in the marked parts.

That would be it, but...

Triple Jump, Marathon(No shooting), Rifle Sprinting Marathon, Obstacle course
Players, referees, stream.

Backwards jumping course (No shooting)
Some mod that begins counting time when you pick akimbo, and ends when you suicide, players, referees, stream.

Triathlon, Gymnastics
Some mod that begins counting time from spawn to suicide, players, referees, stream.

Though, could use a mod that records bot matches. The player must complete the task in 10 given minutes, have to uplaod demo to web, then demo is played in stream to be judged by referees and streamers ?
Share your ideas!
So it needs: mod, players, stream, referees.

The player, three targets (So, four players) , referees, stream and a timer for time from spawn to last target killed. (Yet to be decided behind which boxes will the targets be, I have thought of ac_desert, comment!)

(Shooting)Sniper course
The player, three targets (So, four players) , referees, stream and a timer for time from spawn to last target killed.

This post has taken a LOT of time to be made and lots of thought, so, please refrain on commenting those who dont know how to read and assimilate, thanks.

* Gema related, Itll be left for people who are interested in such matters, but always happy to aclare to anyone interested, just PM me!
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For the jump course you'd have to consider the weapons. I could smg jump a few things that would normally take an AR.
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Ah yes, we could add a sniper course and a smg one.
Great idea!
Any suggestions? I cant do it ATM, maybe tonight or tomorrow...
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[Image: 2117854-5509611799_82aa328735.jpg]
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I'm in. :)
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Lol Andrez, thats why it says Official in the thread title.
Its in official maps who our dear dev team and "elite" love and care for and doesnt involve mapping.
I love the idea and would like to see you work with me/us/AC, instead of considering it a plagiarism, which is not, XD.

(30 Apr 12, 07:25PM)Nightmare Wrote: I'm in. :)
Lol, by "being in" you accept to the following conditions:
-Must improve/add a feature.
-Must inform about the 0AC0 to 5 relatives/friends.
-Must donate 5 dollars to [email protected]
-Must get an AC tattoo.
-Must adopt a dog and call him after one of the AC dev team.
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What about just a race?
Big long map FILLED with ammo. Rifle sprinting Madness.
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XD , please stay ontopic with the official maps, but thats a great idea.
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(30 Apr 12, 07:32PM)paulmuaddibKA Wrote: -Must adopt a dog and call him after one of the AC dev team.
Have you seen my new puppy, Bukz? :3
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(30 Apr 12, 08:13PM)paulmuaddibKA Wrote: XD , please stay ontopic with the official maps, but thats a great idea.
Ahahahaha lol, I wasn't talking about plagiarism, it's just that I suggested this idea long time ago and no one ever gave a single f*ck that day.... That meme below was about this :D
I would be happy if someone would be able to accomplish that :D
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Quote:Triple jump(Shooting)
Work your way through the given courses. Number of jumps completed count, best overall score wins.

Quote:XD , please stay ontopic with the official maps, but thats a great idea.

Sorry, i dont get this.

Lets say Sunset, how many "jumps completed" is there?
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My apologies Andrez.
I guess i didnt see your thread. Or atleast i dont think i did.
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I want to participate or contribute, and i 'll be happy if there is a gema part, like longest jump, highest etc.. :)
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@Andrez lol, thats why I put "XD" at the end, I didnt really know what your intention was with that post! Its cool, but, keep reading!

@Mystered To "participate" Ive thought (a bit) about what is needed, see first post...

To crop the number of participants, I have also thought of some requisites which will be done public when everything is on its way...

It doesnt seem that difficult, so try to involve your friends and clans!

@OS Its an error. When I though about this category, if you reached ac_power´s rvsf door or passed the metal surface in ac_scaffold you got bonus points. It comes from that, Ive removed it...
But there is no ac_sunset in Triple jump category, O.o XD
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Lol, perros, no me seas n00b, por favor, que yo no te lo voy a traducir.
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Get pictures/video going soon so we know exactly what needs to be done, please. Words can't describe somewhat complex courses well. :)
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Lol, sure! Maybe tomorrow!
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As told, Ive updated the triple jump courses with videos and pics as the backwards jumping course, and changed some categories to make them more competitive.
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By the way, for the time mods we can just write the time at which he takes akimbo and write the time he suicided with clockdisplay 1 and gamespeed 10 ( gamespeed 10 is to be more accurate but its not necesarily needed)
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I cant do any of This :ad sniper FTW
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Hehe, maybe we could put an nade-jump-course in? :DD
That would be fun :P
But i think i can't enter this Olympic anyway...But it is a good idea i think...Wonna see how the players would practis it :D

Hf! .EL.
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(05 May 12, 08:09PM)jAcKRoCk* Wrote: I cant do any of This :ad sniper FTW
Didn't you quit AC?
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Nope I just left my clan, I do play hehe
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I'm in! Where do I sign up? and please summarize what you said up there Paul :P

BTW I think we shouldn't let |HP| or fredriK/RealViking play :P
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There should be some track events, go Aardvork!
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Hi, to summarize, as Ch0 has asked:
AC Olympics is a tourney to determine who is good in other skills in AC, rather than only shooting.
I have suggested 10 categories, which combine rifle sprinting, map knowledge, shooting skills, jumping... (feel free to add your own! XD)
As there are some requisites, its my idea for this "tourney" to be played by ACWC signed teams, in the meantime of the matches, and as an added feature that would be fun both to the players and the stream watchers.
Some very minor modifications are required for the client (like I said, when picking akimbo for example), and Im trying to work in that so it can be added to the AC world Cup Mod client that is suggested here, but if this cant be done, there are workarounds like Mystered said.
If you guys need things to be more thoroughly detailed please ask in this thread or PM me!
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Good news everyone! Ive gotten help from Master Dietrich and now there´s a sever which can host the Ac Olympics Backwards jumping course, Triathlon and Gymnastics! Everyone thank him and visit his servers, called avigails! XD
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