I found a cheater
i have this dudes ip and name with a demo to add too can the DEV/ADMIN ban him from masterserver please
name - =SK8=
THANKS SO MUCH IDK for demo download attachment crap so message me
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A few things:

a. You should post this in the Obvious cases of cheats thread if it is indeed obvious. Don't forget to follow the templates from previous users and provide all of the info that you can.

b. Upload demos to uploading sites like http://www.mediafire.com/ and once you finish, you get a download link you can share.

c. Don't start threads with all capital letters, or "shout" text. It's in the forum rules.
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OMGOMGOMG K1LL EET WIT FAIER. Post it in the blacklist thread...
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Notice how just changing the title of the thread changes the tone of the entire post. Previously you came bursting into the room shouting in our ears, now you're pleasantly approaching us at a quiet hipster coffee shop and politely passing a note to us.
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This kind of note?

[Image: funny_passive_agressive_notes1.jpg]
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[Image: ww1014.jpg]
How did you find him?
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Lol, is it this guy?

[Image: KBgEOl.jpg]
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I see Paul second row down, 24 from the left!
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