Server help
i need help start to finish on how to make a normal server the Wki didnt't really help me, im new to server running and everything.

[Image: 903773649.png]

does this help any?
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Considering how easy it is to set up a server with the server wizard, I can't see any reason you wouldn't know where to start. Is there something specific you're having an issue with? Consider that if you're having trouble now, you probably will have trouble trying to maintain the server in the future. Even with a clan, you don't absolutely need a server.
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whats the server wizard? like i said im new to the whole server thing in general, but i want to learn it.
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It's the batch file (Windows) or shell script (Linux) located in the directory in which you installed AC.

On Windows, assuming you have the latest version of AC (not 1.0.4), it's probably located here:
C:\Program Files\AssaultCube_v1.1.0.0\server_wizard.bat

Because I'm currently using 64-bit Windows, it's at:
C:\Program Files (x86)\AssaultCube_v1.1.0.0\server_wizard.bat
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The launcher is a easy mac way, though from what I've heard, its not a good idea (I think because you have to keep the launcher running all of the time, not sure).
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sigh. somebody has to update the wiki. like me. XD

are you a mac, linux, or pc? that would be the first thing to tell us. Also, what kind of router do you have (netgear, linksys, airport, etc)? have you FORWARDED THE PORTS (why hasent anyone asked that)? answer those questions and we can start from there.
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