assult cube not working
how do i set up AC so it will run on my comp? it has a LOT of lag and i cant play. btw my comp is 7 years old:P
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Be sure to use the lastest graphic driver for your computer.
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well what about posting us more information about your pc? all you said was, that it is 7 years old, which is not very informative

so, what operating system are you using, what graphics card, what cpu, RAM and so on
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Just to throw out some ideas,
texreduce 3          //Reduces texture resolution
trilinear 0          //Disables trilinear filtering
dynlights 0          //Disables dynamic lights
minlod 60            //Lower level of detail
vsync 0              //No vertical sync
gibttl 0             //No gibs
lighterror 20        //The higher, the faster, the uglier
If your card doesn't support OpenGL then you're screwed.
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Buy a new laptop or computer xD
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My PC is seven years old too, it still runs okay although there still is a lot of lag, but not enough to make it unplayable.
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