Longhorn help
Hey guys. I'm sure some of you remember this map from back in the good old days before map-requisites.


its longhorn by Muzzleflash. I liked this map a lot and would love to play it in multiplayer again. only problem is: it has over 30000 sq feet of max area, which is 3 times the limit. I was just wondering if anyone knew a way to cut this figure down with making any major changes/putting walls in place.

Before moderators come flying at me: yes I know why the map requisite rule was put in place; to stop the circulation of "stupid maps". this isn't really a stupid map like EzJemVille or Rabin's_Oasis. it actually has some complexity and structure to it. Secondly, if you think it is a stupid map, just look at SuperCubes and TwinTowers. No matter how strict rules are for mapping in this game, there will always be stupid maps. I think this one is different. Anyone know a good way to change it?
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Some threads that may help:

Quote:Remember, even if your map doesn't fit quality requisites, you can still use /sendmap and co-op edit it (/coop mynewmap) on an upload-friendly server. Other game modes won't work until it is within the requirements.
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thx for the links man. yea i know it wont work until it meets requirements. thats why i was asking if anyone knew how to put it within requirements without altering it in a major way. but thx
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This is ages ago the map I wanted to remake or import for AC.... needless to express my disappointment!

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