Heya guiz.

Life's been busy with school and all, but I just downloaded AC to my new laptop and made a map. . .so I'm pretty rusty, but oh well, I think it's a halfway decent map. Screenshots are under the links.

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I approve of this naming scheme.
the map looks pretty cool too :P
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Thank you ^_^
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Yay! :D
I always enjoyed a look at ML-Abandoned (because I look through the maps I've collected when I can't find a pub).

EDIT: Really nice map.
BTW, while this is the best implementation of walk-through walls I have ever seen, I am still not a fan of them.
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Aye, I don't care for them either. But I wanted a stalking map you can strike with a shotgun and vanish :)

I love the playability for online dm and tdm, but it's not the greatest for CTFs or OSOKs as the path to the enemy base is a bit short and you have a direct line of sight on certain spawns.

Also, I'm updating tomorrow morning with two other maps. One is a desert one, the other is an indoor one with a bit nuclear generator thing :D (Both are darker, I love that kind of map, but I'm trying to work on a brighter one...)
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Download ML-Suffocation and ML-Clairvoyance

No screenshots yet, if someone could post some? My internet is too slow to upload any :(
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