Translators Wanted
Andrez I can easily help you if you need help or testing for the ITA version
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The Czech & Spanish versions can't be tested until UTF-8 support is fully implemented in the engine - which, I'm sorry to say, is looking anything but certain ATM. It might well be this won't be done till the release, or actually even totally dropped - the amount of rewriting required is tremendous and C++ is still not (natively) aware of UTF-8; only a library driAn found makes it even remotely possible .. but with extensive drawbacks, caveats and partial impossibilities. I'm concentrating on it though, I'll keep you posted.

The Lithuanian translation I got was broken from beginning to start. The tar-archive couldn't be unpacked or content-listed from the console, it contained the original file as surplus and the source (.po) looks badly mangled by poEdit, the pre-compiled .mo crashed AC even after I installed lithuanian-language-support ..
.. the italian version is broken (see below), but should be salvageable.

How to do it right:
Take the original file source/locale/AC.pot and work with that, but also compare source/locale/de/LC_MESSAGES/AC.po for a working source-file for german translation!
Here's an example of what went wrong - I did say "translate inside the quotes", didn't I :-P
# --- this was in the italian source:
#: client.cpp:18
msgid "operazione non disponibile in multigiocatore"
msgstr ""

# --- this was in the german source:
#: client.cpp:18
msgid "operation not available in multiplayer"
msgstr "Aktion im Mehrspieler-Modus nicht verfuegbar"
Please don't move the lines around .. while not "illegal", it makes it harder to compare/debug stuff!
The important thing is - the msgid-line needs to stay in english, the msgstr-line is where the translated bit goes!
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Aaah pardon! Making the correct one ;)
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K, managed to compile and run ac with OSS drivers (yay for 25fps).
Now on every translation I get a seg. fault for some reason.
[email protected]:~/Desktop/asdads/trunk/ac$ LANG=de ./
Using home directory: /home/skb/.assaultcube_svn
/home/skb/Desktop/asdads/trunk/ac/bin_unix/native_client(_ZN12signalbinder11stackdumperEi+0x26) [0x81515f6]
/lib/ [0xc84a90]
/home/skb/Desktop/asdads/trunk/ac/bin_unix/native_client(_ZN11i18nmanagerC1EPKcS1_+0x76) [0x80b5e86]
/lib/ [0xc26ce7]
/home/skb/Desktop/asdads/trunk/ac/bin_unix/native_client() [0x8070c81]
AssaultCube error (11) ()
.pot is self generated; compiled .mo using your new script.

I'm puzzled, to be fair, I didn't even touch German translation and it segfaults as well.

(poEdit works fine on other OSS project I am "working" from time to time)

Any thoughts?
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Andrez: sorry, hope you see this before you spend the same half-hour I did - your translation has already been put into SVN! Thanks for your work - hope your mistake (an honest one, no hard feelings here!) won't be repeated though ;-P

SKB: uhmm, well exactly, your locale is fubar .. and it looks like your approach to use german locale too; it should be
export LC_ALL=de_DE.utf8
maybe just LC_ALL=de is sufficient .. depends on what locales are available for you
locale -a
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docs.cfg too?
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I want to make Polish translation, but mah language has some weird letters {ąęśńółćżź}. Do not use them or wait for utf update?
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I can make the Arabic version. However, this language has some specific trait called "BiDi" a.k.a Bi-directional text. I don't know if that is implemented. However, if you get it to run, I will be more than happy to make the Arabic translation.
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Here is the Swedish version by the way, feel free to poke:
With umlauts:
ASCII basic:

I'm still wondering about the serverbrowser.cpp:1156,1171 strings as mentioned before though...
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(19 Oct 11, 04:20PM)FleshyPod Wrote: I want to make Polish translation, but mah language has some weird letters {ąęśńółćżź}. Do not use them or wait for utf update?

Please don't prepare translation without Polish letters or don't call it "Polish translation". ;)
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~TgS~elite: I don't think that'll happen anytime soon - I'm already more than sceptical that I'll manage to make UTF-support anything more than an SVN-branch!

arand: Uhm, your previous post was most confusing. I didn't know how to reply w/o seeming to imply .. arghl .. anyway - the "%s" bits are replaced during runtime with the proper fillings. Nothing to interpret; look at the appropriate line in the source to figure out any specifics - you might actually have to search for the message though, the core AC.pot hasn't been updated in a while .. as I've said before the rush of submissions took me a little by suprise, so I've left it "as is" for now, once I have a range of translators that don't rely on UTF and submit properly usable files I'll notify them of any updates .. then it's just a handful of additions (usually) to do, rather than a complete set from scratch. HTH

grenadier: UTF support is required for those letters not inside the [33-126] range of basic ASCII .. it's either mangle your language to fit that range or not have a translation until that support has been established. See above (many of my posts) about the risky nature of hoping for that to actually happen.

.ExodusS*: I refer you to the latter half of my reply to arand - there's only been a german translation for now, so the range of parts possible to translate was limited to a few proof of concept ones. Any source or CubeScript message can (theoretically) be flagged for translation though .. naturally, in the end, everything should be - but this is the first serious effort of the community to actually get this thing going.
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Would it be possible to do a slight hack and try to find unused ascii codes in the source? You could then just use those to notate simple and common letters. So if you have four slots, you may wish to do éàö and è (just hazarding guesses on the most commonly used ones) and the languages that use those would have partial support. A simple find and replace could be used to reformat the file when it is ready to be included. It is slightly roundabout, but may be easier than UTF?

On another note, I may try to help you with flagging messages for translation. How exactly does it work? Does anything need to get changed in the source? Can it just be done in the .pot or w/e file that you are having people submit? I haven't done much with localization in AC, so I am still slightly unsure how it works.
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Ronald_Reagan: uhmm, nice idea. But the issue here is to "find characters not encodeable by basic ASCII" one would need UTF support :-P
Unless I'm misunderstanding you. It read like "make the changes on-the-fly (during runtime)" - this is not possible. Much easier to replace "by hand". An initial idea of mine was to extend the range of supported ASCII from 33-126 to 33-168. Which would cover a number of letters needed in latin-based languages .. but by far not all and definitely not enough for those translations submitted here so far. Anyway, the extension of the ASCII table is not something globally unique!
The only way translations will work ATM is if they restrict themselves to the available letters.
The flagging is pretty easily done. In CubeScript you'd do it like so:
(_ "This is in english")
Inside the source it's done like so:
_("This is in english")
Any new files to be checked - CubeScript only really, all source-files should be in there already and will be updated as a matter of course - need to be inside the translate_*_files.txt inside source/locale .. after that the .pot-file needs to be updated and then the .po-files of the translations. Currently I've only provided a generic compile-script .. I'm going to update the other scripts ASAP. And after all these technical updates the translators have to go to work on the .po-file and check for comments denoting changes and the obvious new entries.
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I checked ingame in order to figure out the (rest '%s') thing, turned out "rest" ~ "remaining" and '%s' ~ *(list of server IPs left in this category)

Knowing the keywords "Rest", "Result", "Remaining" it gets a bit easier to translate : )

I've updated the Swedish translations posted above.
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[/color][/b][/size][/font][size=large][font=Arial]I translated Assault Cube to PT-BR language.All texts of game are translateds.Talk with me or send e-mail for :

--> [b][color=#FF0000][email protected]
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I could get started on a Lao/Thai translation, mainly Lao.

But aside from myself and Lateralus, I don't really know if it would be useful, since we're the only two (to my knowledge) that understand or know either languages
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I can translate it to Japanese. I'm also a software contractor/consultant in my day job, so I may be able to help out with the development efforts on my spare time.

EDIT: I hadn't looked at the above posts. If it is ASCII, then Japanese would be out of the question. Maybe the conversion to UTF would be where I could put my efforts?
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I would be happy to help with a Brazilian Portuguese translation of AC, but I'm not a "CubeScripter", and don't know very well how to deal with Source Code files, I was already a C++ Programmer a while ago, but I forgot almost everything, even the basics. So, I can do this: Someone can send me a .txt file with one AC Sentence per line, and I send it back translated, then the person who received the translation could incorporate it in AC, but this should take some time. But I also didn't had time to read the rest of the thread's topics so I ask: can we use the "special" characters "áàâãéèêìíóòôõúùç" for the translation? Because in order to get the most accurate translation of the sentences I will need those characters.

By the way, that's all for now: I wish to translate AC for the Brazilian Portuguese Language, but I'll need the sentences, and someone who can incorporate them into the game. Contact me through email, as I'm not much active on the AC Forums these days. Email is [email protected]
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No special character support. Only ASCII so far. Use the simple versions of those letters for now.
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(25 Oct 11, 05:01AM)kotakotakota Wrote: EDIT: I hadn't looked at the above posts. If it is ASCII, then Japanese would be out of the question. Maybe the conversion to UTF would be where I could put my efforts?
If you know your stuff (C++ mainly), sure, feel free to give it a try! There already was a UTF8 branch some time ago (, but it got stuck somehow and was eventually deleted again. (If someone could tell more about how & why, please do so)
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(16 Oct 11, 12:44PM)Andrez Wrote: I'm IN. Count on me for the Italian thing.

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tempest: the branches were cluttering the SVN, we decided to clean it up. The utf8-branch will be revived though, as this thread has shown there does seem to be some interest in translating the game. But I don't think we need to revive the old habit of mirroring the complete package in every branch; for the utf8 stuff only the source-directory and it's children are really needed, plus a bit of changed CubeScript (main menus only ATM, but that can (and should) change). I've not been able to make much progress beyond reviving the old source-state of the utf8-branch/pre-v1.1-svn-trunk and fixing a small problem with the cursor of the in-game-commandline .. been fiddeling with a few of the (major) string-manipulating-functions which has shown me the extent of work still required to make the whole engine UTF-8 aware & compatible.
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Okay, thanks :)
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I can translate it to hebrew, if you want
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BunnySoul: please don't :-P No, seriously - like a number of other languages hebrew will require the addition of code to handle the direction of text .. down-to-up, right-to-left, .. as it stands I haven't even found enough time to handle many of the shotgun-stuff I wanted done in the last weeks; the next weeks will be chock full of RL-duties .. and I don't know if someone will actually press on with this (not even re-established) branch of development.
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flowtron, Sure, i just thought i should offer anyway :).
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do you stil need french or german?
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Can we get Undead/BULL3T to translate into bogan?
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Looks cool!
I'm gonna do a dutch translation of it!
I'll post it when it's done.
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I can try to help with russian translation
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