NK|Chris7mas is abusing admin again
heres a screenshot of banning me for not a good reason on DSotM server #2.

[Image: 24cy3hx.jpg]

why does he do that, is he drunk or something?
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he said he doesnt like me is the reason what an ass.
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Umm... ok?
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Nothing will be accomplished by posting on the forums
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Why dont you play on dare i say it "more mainstream servers" there you should find proper admin and if in the unlikely event something like that happens I guarantee the server owners will take action. You have a choice of two ladders and loads of clans host servers like Mys ect so why not do yourself a favour and fix your own problem...
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Find the server owner and talk to them. Not us. Look at the motd in your screenshot, it has the website! Wow, I never thought they would include something handy in such an obscure place like that!

Closed :P
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