I give up.
Not many people know me, but I'm still going to tell the story.

Ok, first up, i left assaultcube a while ago. I got a bit bored tbh, and i had to study for exams. Just recently I decided to start playing a bit again. First time was decent, but i only played a game or two.

Then, today, i played another few games. First game, tosok, ac_desert. I'm playing well, until someone suggests that we play with only knives. I don't play how they want (after all, it's tosok, not lss), and they kick me out of the server.

Second game, ac_shine (i think). My brother decides to play as well, and we both start. He starts owning the scoreboard. And some random decides, well, I've had enough. So, he accuses him of cheating.
(keep in mind, I'M SITTING RIGHT BESIDE HIM. I KNOW HE ISN'T.) He repeatedly tells me to "look at the demo". I do, to humour him. My brother got a lucky gib or two, but that was all. I go back to the server, and tell him that all that happened was he got lucky. I thought the random built a bridge, but no.

Eventually, after a game of ac_mines on the same server, we start playing another game. And the same random finds out-WOW! you guys have the same IP!

So, I'm honest, and tell him that he is my brother. He full on accuses us of both being terrible cheaters/hackers, and procedes to tell us that he will blacklist us.

I give up guys. I can't go a game without having a major lawsuit on my hands. I'm going back to whatever game i played before i found assaultcube.
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Bye bye! It would be handy if you told us what server it was, but bye bye!
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ermm, one of the Exodus servers I think. I have a terrible memory -.-
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Nice to see you. The exit is down the hall on the left.

Seriously? This is a once in a lifetime thing. I've never heard of it happening before. It's just one guy who thinks he knows too much. It's nothing to quit over. But if you take it that way, please be sure to hand over your keys first.
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^ Item 3 here

The three gibs at the start, OK. They could be skill/luck :/
The shots through a wall on 12mr. Maybe serious lag, although the pj isn't that bad, and the ping is quite stable.
But when he starts pulling nades out of his arse in the CLA base?
Come one Matt, pay a bit more attention and point the finger of blame at the right person.
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good one mate, good one.
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Ok, you guys were right. I've just looked at the whole demo, and my brothers downloads, and he was cheating. You have to understand that I am extremely pissed off at him to.

I apologize to the whole ac community for not noticing this. Especially to grenadier, who was one of the main victims of his cheating. And to jam, thanks for making me realize. Looks like I won't be playing ac for a long time anyway :P

I'm typing on my iPod, and it corrected it :P
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(24 Jul 10, 01:19PM)Skyra Wrote: (keep in mind, I'M SITTING RIGHT BESIDE HIM. I KNOW HE ISN'T.)

(24 Jul 10, 05:49PM)jamz Wrote: http://forum.cubers.net/thread-1-post-5703.html#pid5703
The shots through a wall on 12mr.

(25 Jul 10, 04:24AM)Skyra Wrote: Ok, you guys were right. I've just looked at the whole demo, and my brothers downloads, and he was cheating.

...so you couldn't see the wallhack "right beside you"?
GG son.
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if u and bother Secide 2 come a mouth / year.
show him this.

The next Time u want 2 come Back. Try not 2 Cheat.
Y do u cheat? is B/c U want be kick ass player, Thinks it Funny? And/Or fun?
1. Well Cheating Dousn't help u
2. If u Try 2 prove "i'm A Kick Playa"
Sooner or later. ur bother is Black listed + Prama Banned,

For me, like How i put my ^Story, in this situation.
Lets Say I was Black listed "knife Hackin" For Example.
And many Days later im Black listed on All Serer.
Meaning. Im no longer can Play multiplayer on a Servers.
Its like being in Jail. No matter How many Times u tires 2 Go in a Server, Ur still banned.
And if ur in Jail. And Trying 2 Get out Of Jail. + Avoiding/evading Banned Will Make Things Worse For Urself!
And if u haven't Played For A long Time,, Well Guess What, Play Time is over. You put urself in this situation
And as For Normal + Admins
Normal Players: Cheaters against Normal player for them, it isn't Fair B/c Normal Players Dont cheat.
For Admins. Most Admins Report Cheater/hacker. For Some Admins including me. Reporting Takes out All the Fun.
buttom line: Playing Wi Cheaters and Hackers. Takes Out All of The Fun.

Do u Want Play Longer?
if U Dont Cheat, The Host Wont Blacklist U.

If I cheat Aging?. U can Say Good bye. ac Servers.
i know Trying 2 kicks is Hard. To have Skill like That. It Takes Time.
When Did Start 2 Kick ass?
It Took LONG time for me like 7 Mouths to 1.3 Year
Practices Make Perfect
The More u Play And Practices
The better You'll get.

Practice With Cheating?
NoNO NO NO! That Won't Help u That Will Get u Blacklisted

This is A msg to your bother. Make Sure He Reads This.
(I know its 2 big 2 read)
(2 kiwi, I dont mean 2 Spam, I was giving him advice)
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TSOR could you please stop writing your posts like if you're texting? thnx
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@spamma - I wasn't looking at that moment, probs cause I was playing at the time.

@TSOR - Me and him probably won't play assaultcube for a long time anyway. But yeah, I've told him something remotely like that.
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If you and your brother decide to come back in a month/year, show your brother this.

If you decide to come back, please do not cheat. Why do you cheaters cheat anyway? To kick some ass in the pubs, for fun? Why?
1. Cheating doesn't help, it just draws bad attention to you.
2. If you try, you'll become a kickass player sooner or later.
Think now; you and your brother are permabanned.

Let's say I knife hacked for example - many days later I'm banned on virtually all servers. That's my multiplayer AC gone out the window. I'ts like being in jail. No matter how many times you try and connect to a server, you're still banned.

Also, if you're in jail, and trying to get out of jail, avoiding/evading bans will make things worse for yourself! If you haven't played for a long time, well guess what, playtime is over. You put yourself in this situation...

And as for normal + admins?
Normal players: It sucks for normals; they have to face the cheaters!
For admins. most admins report cheaters. For some admins including me, reporting takes out all the fun.

Bottom line? Cheaters take away all the fun.

Essentially, if you wanna play just don't cheat!

If I cheat again? You can say goodbye to the AC servers. I know kicking ass is quite difficult. For me, it took at least 7 months to 1 year and a quarter to finally playing somewhat pro. (trust me, I played with TSOR a lot and his dedication to the game is quite amazing..) It takes practice. Practice makes perfect!

Practice with cheating? All that's gonna do is get you on the blacklists.

Make sure your bro reads this.

I made this clearer to read for the public because I know TSOR put dedication in that post and he wanted to carry a message out not only to Skyra but to all cheaters. I mean this in no offence whatsoever. <3
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Well, we can only come to one conclusion after all this years of AC forums reading :
All little brothers are cheaters (and most of the neighborhood friends too)
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In assaultcube at this stage in time, you are all hackers unless you can prove you are not. I have seen way too many blatant hackers fail to be kicked or banned when its so obvious *Fucking Flying??????* that it hurts my teeth. By not voting F1 on them Sons/Daughters of Bitches, You become guilty by association.
The End.
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(25 Jul 10, 07:57AM)Bullpup Wrote: By not voting F1 on them Sons/Daughters of Bitches, You become guilty by association.
The End.
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lol jmm
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I'd like to cheat aging though.
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