Takin' IPs...
Hi Guys its me again,i'm still banned from some servers.. thats sad =/
But now i'm here,i just want to know how to take IP's from the hackers,becuz some are pissin' me off!!!
Not only me,but all the servers,so if i take it'll make me feel really good,just for ban those fuckers

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1) Please, we all do feel the way you do but keep your language clean.
2) Be more clear, taking IPs? Do you mean finding out the IP of the hacker?

If you do mean the above. Then read the blacklist rules.

Blacklists - Rules
Please use this thread to report offenders.

Anything else, please start or use a different thread.

Things that help when reporting an offender:
* Name(s) used.
* Date/Time (including timezone).
* Server it occured on (including IP/Port of the server).
* Demos/Screenshots of the offense(s).
* IP (or a partial IP).
* A detailed description of what theydid.

Just try to provide as much info as you can, eg. Server and time. In 1.04 you cannot view a full IP without admin privileges so it would be better to report he incident to the server owner.

For a partial IP, type
/whois cn
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/whois cn
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the cn can be found on the scoreboard
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Lightning... But how can i do that since Lost Signal or others servers haven't any admin and no one know who owns that server... its not only that server,there's others too,it sucks.... and about my language..sorry lol
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You can still provide date/time, server, what they did, partial IP, names and screenshots.
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