[split] Bamaroller
(30 May 11, 10:18AM)jamz Wrote:
// Name: bamaroller
// Ban date: 2011-05-30
// Ban reason: speedhack
// Proof: http://www.26things.com/ac/forum/CTF_ac_depot_2011.05.30_0510.dmo
Joins around 11 minutes remaining. Link to demo. This static IP affects a couple of other players.

// Name: Topcat
// Ban date: 2011-05-30
// Ban reason: aimbot
// Proof: http://www.26things.com/ac/forum/justice_HTF_ac_freight_2011.05.29_2050.dmo
Joins around 9 minutes remaining. Link to demo. Map is here.

// Name: stijn
// Ban date: 2011-05-30
// Ban reason: aimbot
// Proof: http://www.26things.com/ac/forum/TDM_ac_complex_2011.05.30_1424.dmo
Joins around 1 minute remaining. Link to demo.

Not sure why I'm blacklisted, I've never speedhacked or done any sort of hacking for that matter.
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As far as I know, that ain't be you. IP ranges dont match.
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If you see your name in that blacklist thread just make sure it isn't your IP in the post and you're on the safe side. Above me, Ronald says the IP ranges don't match, so the IP is not even close to yours, not to worry. I would encourage you to perhaps invent a more original name so it's harder for others to accidentally use it.
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It would seem that bamaroller actually is quite an original name; the fifth google result for "bamaroller" is for the TyD ladder, and it's quite possible that the results above it also belong to this bamaroller.
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Just for reference, the ip you posted from was: 68.XXX.XXX.XXX.

You are in the USA, that other ip is in Aussieland.

Soz, but u no hax0r.
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He might be using a VPN though. You can not be completely sure that they are different players.
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If he was using a VPN, why would he be using his same name?
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It's a good way to show that he's the main player with this name and he's innocent and the aussie player was just impersonating him.
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Sorry bamaroller, but your name is just not unique. This is not you, and I'm well aware it's not you.
I've added a comment to the entry you quoted, in case anyone else jumps to conclusions.
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