Affected by rangeban

I'm just here to tell that i'm affected by some rangeban. It is really annoying and I would appreciate if I could be an exeption on this rangeban. I'm from Belgium if you wouldnt know. Ask for more information!

- Be|Burn.
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You'd need to be more specific about exactly what you're banned from, but the IP address you posted this from is in one of the ranges for Davitomon on the TyD blacklist. You'd need to ask for a deban password from any server owner who uses that list.
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Lol it think full belgium is range banned xD
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Yours is because of a different player, Ghost; shietsmurf - Flaghack.
The TyD blacklist is publicly available, for players to check if that's why they are banned from some servers.
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But me and Burn live in the same city o:
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(27 Jun 11, 11:27PM)cOGhost Wrote: But me and Burn live in the same city o:

So what? You get different ip's
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