{ric} please blacklist this idiot!
Please all consider blacklisting {ric} I was in game saturday morning when he kept teamkilling one of my clan mates Perros well long story short Perros left a little discusion took place and that was that. Latter i was playing in NZ server and i keep wondering wheres my HP going then i realise {ric} is follwoing me shooting me in the back, not enough to kill me just enough to ruin my game. I suspect because he was busted for teamkilling my collegue. I cannot get the demo from NZ as it appears to be down but it was on NZ at approx 10:00 am on 4/06/2011 UK time.

Please everyone lets rid the game of this kind of idiot player.
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(04 Jun 11, 10:37AM)tempest Wrote: New address is http://demos.kiwi.ac/
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Demo -> http://acdes.net/15FTKb
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thanks guys 2 mins before the end of game I even turn to face him and he still shoots...
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Ok then look at the demo!!!
There was may be an enemy in front of you!!!!

So, please stop that shit.
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Ric, i haven't seen the demo, but if it's true that you're teamkilling, it wouldn't be the first time. I have a demo of you teamkilling during half a game back in hi-skill times. Nothing was done because it had been an isolated case..
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From the point where he gibs you and another teammate (accidentally) in the CLA base, to the point where you call the vote to kick him, he shoots you on four occasions. Each time you are either beside or in front of an opponent and on no occasion does he deliberately fire at you.

11:08 - follows you down east passage, without shooting at you.
11:19 - drops nade by CLA base, team-gibbing you and darkness.
11:53 - POCHYLOK.pl has your flag; {ric} hits you whilst shooting him as he exits the RVSF base.
12:34 - {ric}, with flag, shoots at WogBoy across the RVSF base. You take some hits after spawning between the two.
12:59 - He spawns, firing, and possibly hits you briefly, before you are killed by NoOne.
13:11 - You are moving down the east passage. POCHLOK.pl, covering behind the crates at the southern end is firing on you, but you turn around, thinking that the shots are coming from behind, where {ric} is coming from. {ric} continues to fire past you, at POCHYLOK.pl, hitting you. You think {ric} s firing at you, because you haven't noticed POCHYLOK.pl. It's POCHLOK.pl who shoots you while you look at {ric} on the barrels, not {ric} himself.

I didn't watch past this point, since, with the vote to kick him, the damage had been done. It looks like {ric} is being his usual self, paying more attention to the opposition than his teammates. But at no point did I see him deliberately fire upon any of his teammates.

I, too, have had trouble with {ric} teamkilling and 'team-bleeding'; I've even banned him for it. I don't, however, consider him to be any worse than, eg. OpenSource. I've never witnessed him deliberately firing upon his teammates for the lulz. If he is a persistent problem, this demo doesn't show it.
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I saw the demo and to be honest he didn't do to much BUT at 1:40 minutes remaining he does deliberatley shoot at Anderson which can be blacklistable. When you actually watchhim though, he normally targets enemys :)
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(04 Jun 11, 12:05PM)jamz Wrote: I've never witnessed him deliberately firing upon his teammates for the lulz
I have. Blueprint can confirm it, i shared the demo with him.

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Was about to DL the demo until I read jamz's post. lewl
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thanks as ever Jamz for the impartial view, i believe he is a constant problem i also believe he is very good at disguising what he is doing! I have constant issue with him team bleeding and only this morning he was doing the same to Perros.

However in light of your opinion Jamz (which i respect deeply) i will collect more Demos, but this message goes to {ric} no i will not stop this, until you stop teamkilling and team bleeding
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I've had problems with him tking me for no reason in a few games, i've just come to accept that hes a D*ck at times.
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it wouldnt be so bad if he ever said sorry, i mean we all make mistakes but it how you deal with them that tells the world youre a d**k or a dude!
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i added to blacklist my server now :)

teamkill this player is a flag when it has several times what I eh done so long ago teamkill and will never stop doing
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(04 Jun 11, 03:03PM)PERROS Wrote: teamkill this player is a flag when it has several times what I eh done so long ago teamkill and will never stop doing
Sorry, what? ;)
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I think what PERROS was trying to say was:

This player likes to teamkill the flag carrier, and has done it on several occasions, and its not the just a one time thing, hes done it for a while, and will never stop doing it.
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Thanks, now it makes sense. I got so lost in that sentence XD
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then look at the demo with perros and blacklist him for tk the flagholder.
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yeah added ip blacklist lol :)
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For what it's worth, I've had lots of problems with ric teamkilling me. Never a lot in one go, but always significantly more than random accidents could account for, and very often with the flag.
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et's see and solve this once and this player not only teamkill, if you like killing others who always carry the banner this player is addicted to the ladder should be a tactic to kill others of the same team but always has done and for a long time so here is unbearable for me ric those banned from my servers and I hope you are soon added to other
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We are not all alone in this decision, ric you have killed me and plenty of others on numerous occasions while we are bringing in the flag and no there was no enemy behind me or them.

From the looks of it each time you are ahead in the flag count and onto of the leader board, I guess you don't want your precious score to be destroyed by better players.

But again I say we are not alone in this decision and plenty of others will agree.
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But he's just playing, i have been killed before by him, obvuilsy he's just like that, i mean it's annoying yeah, but i don't think it a reason to black list his ass.
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(04 Jun 11, 02:18PM)Shorty Wrote: I've had problems with him tking me for no reason in a few games, i've just come to accept that hes a D*ck at times.

Agreed with Shorty, I remember him from games..he always seems to put time in hitting and or killing his teammates.
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What he does is, he hits his team-mates that have the flag with a few bullets, so that they get killed and he can take the flag, because it makes him look better on the ladder.
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[Image: 8104360.jpg]
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(05 Jun 11, 04:46PM)Woolly Wrote: [Image: 8104360.jpg]

LOL... that's what this thread needed plain and simple trolling :) I like it

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I'm not doing anything to get best score , or something like that.
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What are we talking about, now?
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