Brok3n forum stuff

Please use this thread to report anything over the forum that doesn't work, or doesn't look right, is missing, etc, etc, thanks.
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In the past, searches required a length of five characters. The same requirement exists now, however users are not told their search was too short, only that no matches were found.
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I could make the searches require 3 characters instead of 4, but the searches wouldn't be as good.

mySQL won't allow a lower setting than 4 characters using what is called "full text" searches (which is the better search type).

As for the error message, I don't think that can be changed.
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Signature is not working
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a_slow_old_man: it works perfectly well. Would you like to read the text underneath where you edited your signature?
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The linked Pictures doesn't resize or fit automatically to the forum ;-)

when you choose the TMP-M&A-Carbine in your profile edit options then following message appears :

Please correct the following errors before continuing:

•You did not select a valid option for the "Favourite Weapon" field. Please select a value from the presented choices.

Have Fun your Dog
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There are two images under the custom user title that won't load for some reason. I actually use Chrome as browser.
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can you give me a screenshot please?

I know what causes it, but I'd like to know what effect it has on your browser, as it doesn't effect me.
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Sure, here you go
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Yea, I get that as well, with chrome.
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It wasn't caused by what I thought it was. Fixed it, thanks!
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fundog: the image thing is not a priority, you really should be ensuring they're the right size yourself. I'll look into it (later) though.

as for the other bug, thanks, fixed.
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Can you enable auto-login?
I dont' see a checkbox for it :(

There can be two reasons for that:
1) i'm blind, and i didn't see how to enable it for me... ;)
2) it's not enabled :D
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User CP -> Edit Options -> Remember my login details for future visits.
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Stupid of me
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Not exactly the forums, but gives me
Quote:Error loading stylesheet: An XSLT stylesheet does not have an XML mimetype:
Firefox if it matters.
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I've just fixed that Gibstick.
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Am I doing something wrong? It works in Google Chrome, but still not Firefox.
[Image: untitl10.jpg]
Edit: Fixed! :D
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it's on my to-do

there are a lot of things on that list :p
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I might just be really nit-picky, but the emails about new forum posts have grammar problems. Really, no big problem, but it seems that someone might want to know that.
Quote: This thread is titled "The Title Here".
The thread title should be in parentheses.
Quote: This thread is titled, "The Title Here".

Second grammar error;
Quote: There may also be other replies to this thread but you will not receive anymore notifications until you visit the board again.
There should be a comma after "replies to this thread". Such as;
Quote: There may also be other replies to this thread, but you will not receive anymore notifications until you visit the board again.
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you're right, that is really nit-picky ;)

report a bug with myBB to fix it in their forum software. ;)
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dead links on the website

i know links have changed and one of the above has a txt redirect smashed in there, it would be better that the info was actually accessible without hunting.
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IMO, the new forum banner with the CLA and RVSF guys is too stretched. Try dragging the banner from left to right slightly. :)
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tools > transform > perspective
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hmm, talk to Toca, he made it.

I'm no graphic artist.
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The stretching was done on purpose :P
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I like the stretching! :)
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That's what she --
Hey guys! How's it going?
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(13 Jul 10, 09:12AM)Mr.Floppy Wrote: I like the stretching! :)

me too
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