AssaultCube World Cup 2010 recruiting
I decided that it's better if players talk to each-other directly through the forum instead of through me. So, discuss your ACWC 2010 recruiting right here :)
Also might be useful.

Yes, I want each team to organise themselves and take responsibility ;)
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Any U.S. Team already made?
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I'm interested in being the captain for team Canada. If any Canadian players are interested, can be used as our temporary forum for the during of the AC World Cup.
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Zarj, a fellow Canadian!

I'm from Ontario. I just started but you can read about me here:
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zarj, btrail and Gibsitck, 3 Canadians. A basic team already :D
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Im from USA. Glad to represent if you think I have the skill to.
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(12 Jul 10, 12:45AM)KN!F3 Wrote: Im from USA. Grad to represent if you think I have the skill to.

Im from usa if no one else wants to be on the team i can if not i can be a sub i dont have to play just in-case iam like the subs sub
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It seems like there's a lot of USA players but no-one wants to be captain... I fit in that category :D
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My playing times are spontaneous and I cannot schedule which is why I can be a frustrating player to play a set match against :\
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I suppose I'm organizing team USA because why not? Last year went alright for us. So far I've Cage (also from oNe) and myself.

If you're interested in playing, contact me via IRC @ #one-chat and we can schedule a 1v1 or a practice game or something.

Read the blog / page also. Yeah. I'm available most days and hours of the week, kinda.
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Any Indian players here?

If you're interested in playing on an Indian team, you can catch me on #Firebomb @Gamesurge 2:30pm onwards.
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(12 Jul 10, 12:28PM)Lightning Wrote: Any Indian players here?

If you're interested in playing on an Indian team, you can catch me on #Firebomb @Gamesurge 2:30pm onwards.
RantingHuman is Indian I think, but I don't know if he still plays.
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I've sprt of recruited Ranting and Acid already.
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I would like to play with some USA guys first but if USA team becomes madness im up for a dual citizenship for a swedish team. :P

jag kan pratta svenska!

My spelling is off but if you keep it to a grade school level ill keep up. :)
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I'm for USA :P If needed I will play but might get owned :/
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mixed team: germany/austria

* Elite (leader)
* Horus
* ärkefiende
* Robtics
* (sub) - we're still searching one, if you're german or austrian: feel free to contact one of us via pm or irc
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I have dual citizinship of Australia and Malta, can I play for Australia? No one plays in Malta
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If anyone is making an Indian team, I would be happy to join (or try out, as the case may be o.O).

Since I live in the US, would I be eligible for that team also? I'm pretty sure there are plenty Americans who are better than me though.
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USA noobs:
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That was the old site that is run by no one (formerly Nighthawk) but falsely attributed to me, because I had to become captain after Nighthawk's inability to do anything. I can't do anything on that blog.

This one is mine:

^ USA noobs, that's for you.
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So far we had 6 applications and 4 have went through. I've made a few changes in the rules due to uncertainty, but it should turn out all right.
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Any portuguese!?
Since i've double nationality i would prefer to play for PORTUGAL!
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I am USA player as well.
I think the team should be so far this: (Not sure who captain is yet)
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ill throw in Coma-Black as a USA player as well. He says he can do it.
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ya that sounds good to me, we should think of a captain too. (I personally do not want to be one, but would like to be playing in as a main player)
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Timber there is a portugese team, try to get in contact with art.
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who in the world is art?! xD
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I am sorry, I have joined impaktd's USA team I have take "cage" spot
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México Team :D

~FEL~*Centinela and
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Good heavens, I'm going to bbbeeeee... be royally.... dead.
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