old entries
any chance to get them back ?
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We just have to start the blacklist again. It wont end.

Btw, sorry for my pessimistic attitude.
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i suppose....the old blacklist is not deleted...its still there...i know that because i am still on it...!! and if you mean something else just neglect it...! :)
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Yeah the most common blacklists kept their entries, I was talking about the old blacklist thread entries of this forum, to keep tracks.
Sometimes it's good to make tabula rasa... but only sometimes.
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yea !! i am on almost on each and every blacklist..!! and i still dont know...when i will be whitelisted...anyways...wats tabula rasa...?? does it mean back up...
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Wikipedia (en): Tabula rasa

On a more happy note - the wiki will be coming back in almost all of it's old glory - just the english pages though. If people contact me to do translations for a specific language I can provide the wiki-source for those pages, so they can double-check them for any faults that may have crept in. I'll post this in full once Apollo and I finish off the last 1% of the revival work that's still missing :-)
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The old blacklist thread -- where members of the community submit names for blacklisting -- is gone. (Most) server blacklists haven't gone anywhere.
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