|FOX|Big-L gone wild
We have had a major problem with this guy (Big-L) and has imitated our clan for a very long time and has also imitated our |FOX| names as well and MANY people have become irritated besides FOX clan itself. He has mimicked me and multiple other names and possibly other clans. He is clearly not in FOX and he has already been blacklisted but that doesn't seemed to have worked so is it possible that I could have a full game ban? I will see what support I can gather here. Here are a few and only a few screen shots:

[Image: 6gc103.jpg]

[Image: c3t53.jpg]

[Image: 2wmi9vr.jpg]

[Image: 1686iok.jpg]
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***replaced with kinder conversation on IRC***
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(09 Jan 11, 07:05AM)eftertanke Wrote: Stop posting threads about this stuff. If you aren't sure if it should be posted in the Blacklist Reports don't complain about it. You've been at over five threads per week for far too long.


I am sorry that I post too many threads. I was unaware of how many I have actually done for I have not checked my own stats. I have to learn still about what to do because really I have only been concerned about this stuff since |FOX| and I am a pretty new player believe it or not. So I will consider different approaches to this.
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http://forums.des-clan.net/download/file...&mode=view <- another screen of him impersionating DES

Just use old threads you created again!
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(02 Feb 11, 07:43PM)SickNasty Wrote: lol who would want to impersonate |FOX| lol

ha! ....(thats not very nice)
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Bad aiming today. Missed that "reply" for "delete" and then the "no" for "yes". I'm getting real old these days. Well, what was I'm about to say? Ah right, just like Boomhauer said.

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Whats with all the fu(|<tup FOX labeled maps that break the AC rules of mapping, that are run on FOX servers?
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