AC 1.0.2
hey guys, here is =SR|M__Stayla.

my pc crashed and now i wanna reinstall AC. when i installed ac in the first time, it took 5 mins to download, now it takes 45 mins.

whats that oO? why dont it takes 5 mins again? is there something different between that downloadlink, and the download from the old forum??
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You downloaded too much porn and your internet got capped.

Alternatively, the servers might have simply been busy, or maybe you're mixing it up with the time for downloading the 1.04 upgrade?
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pfff porns xDD

ok seriously, i know that i must first download 1.0.2 and then 1.0.4. now its just 15 mins remaining, but im scared that its again 30 mins or 45 mins if i download 1.0.4 :/
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1.0.4 is smaller in size
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1.0.2 is a full download package. 1.0.4 for Windows and Linux are not, just an update.

It could be slow mirror servers, in that case you could try to look at the list of mirrors to choose to download from another location. It it could be that your internet is slow, in that case it's not much you can do.
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