People from all over the world play AssaultCube, and therefore the people that make up the community around it are diverse and unique. I think would be a good idea to encourage the use of standards.

Some examples:
  1. Calendar Date
  2. Time of Day
  3. Date and Time
  4. UTC
    UTC is Universal Coordinated time, in layman's terms it is GMT but never uses daylight savings

Some AssaultCube related examples:
  • Blacklist Report
    // eftertanke
    // 2010-12-20T11:16:00
    // eftertanke's 24/7 iCTF 123.456.789.000:28763
    // Reason: Name starts with e
    //       : Name ends in e
  • Demo
  • Client/ Server Logs
    2010-12-20T11:16:00 connecting to eftertanke's 24/7 iCTF
    2010-12-20T11:16:00 attempting to connect to 123.456.789.000:28763
    2010-12-20T11:16:00 connected to server
  • Screenshots
Although I know it would be difficult to get users using these standards, I think it would help to remove some of the confusion around different formatting styles and timezones. So I suppose really it's a trade-off. I hope the long winded way in which I wrote this post can be ignored :)
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Tell that to the americans .. AFAIK they're the only ones on the planet that muddle up month and day so that if none of the two are larger than 12 you're always unsure which was meant. I for one have taken to using the 3-letter abbreviation of the month even for my own use, it's a real help when reading the datestamp.
Oh - and I'm aware there are other calendars in use on this world - but if we're talking about universal timestamps it's senseless to bring up הלוח העברי or التقويم الهجري‎ or تقویم هجری قمری. ;-)
It's very sensible IMHO to use the YYYYMMDD format, it's good for calculations "out of the box"!
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Heh, I can remember writing the date as DD/MM/YYYY in elementary school and my teachers repeatedly insisting I use MM/DD/YYYY. These were the same teachers that insist their students hold their pens one way and chastise them for using any other method.

If there's any worry about confusion over middle/little endian just type the name of the month instead of the number. It's easier to read anyways. Then you don't need to worry about format.
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Just ideas, that's all. However I would really like it if demo and screenshot filenames would begin with the date and the time :/

Starting with the map or mode is quite useless. Especially in the demo browser ingame.
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No, thanks.
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DD/MM/YYYY makes mores sense...
Its like a crescendo.
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YYYY-MM-DD is obviously the best choice. It makes sense, is an ISO standard and it's also convenient for sorting (lexicographical sorting effectively sorts the files by date).
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Tempest is right
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a welcomed change if it happens
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* V-Man votes for tempest as the AssaultCube Minister of Time
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Yeah, whatever :D
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But tempest!
YYYY/MM/DD is a decrescendo! Its so much more fun to get louder!
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Get quieter.
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YYYY-MM-DD is something even Quebec can agree with.
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Just cuz da OOO ES won Dubba U Dubba U II is no reason to start hatin on their substantially far superior time keeping abilities.
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