Right click the link and select "save link as" or do File > Save As when you get the page of gibberish.
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Try this |BC|Wolf, maybe it needs to be zipped? :-s
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GJ, but I tink I found a bug:
When my SMG ha 80 ammo left and I tried to pick ammo nothing happens, that happened to me a few times.

Btw Gibstick is better than Bukz in the tutorial :)
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I'm placing the file in the demos folder, but the same thing happens. Am I doing something wrong?

EDIT: Nevermind. Works now. Tried what Gib said and voila.
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is this going to fix the Win32 thing? I hope.
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Win32 will never be completely fixed.
AssaultCube has done well trying to use it, though. XD
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haha well thats gay.
haha I hate it

But the new version seems the same to me.
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Seems like the search is a little slow or doesn't find the person you are looking for when the person you search for is actually online. ( seems like this in all 1.1 versions)[/align]

Anyone else notice this?
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(15 Nov 10, 12:47PM)flowtron Wrote: Makke says: This is mostly a bugfix release. We are now starting to adress the balance issues for the next release.

Would this be that small sniper glitch that was found?

Also, when i try to connect a private server.. i get the following:

Command / not found...
Command * not found... I guess you've made another bug whilest *fixing* an old one...
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What small glitch are you talking about? The sensitivity thing? If that's what you mean, yes that fix is in.
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Shorty, you still can't connect to private/passworded servers from the serverlist as usual, but
/connect private.ma-clan.org 3044 match
works fine for me :|
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(16 Nov 10, 12:57PM)Gibstick Wrote: Shorty, you still can't connect to private/passworded servers from the serverlist as usual, but
/connect private.ma-clan.org 3044 match
works fine for me :|

I'm not the only one having this problem... so... its clearly not *just* me, it could be an error with the windows upload..
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1104 is really nice, good job boys :)
Thanks devs and thanks wahnfred for the Mac package but..
Live wouldn't be fun without something to whine about so..

I have 1 little thing to whine about, i get an "UPDATE YOUR CLIENT" message every now and then.
16-11-2010 12:18:47    .assaultcubeUPDATE YOUR CLIENT\
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But I'm on Windows.
Reset all settings and try again, it's what all good bug reporters do.
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/nextmap command still doesn't work. I allways get the same message:
unkown comand ac_aqueous
Anyway good job
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Windows 7 32bit

when installing the new, it doesn't install the Ac folders in documents. yes kept the install user documents .... best for windows 7 option on.

i uninstalled cuz it installed in that directory. and tried reinstalling several times to get the ac folder in the documents folder but no luck

i dont see y it just cant overwrite the previous version without changing user settings.

any help?

Edit: i didnt know you had to actually start Ac for the first time for the folder to show up in the documents directory. Fixed
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/connect tearyoudown.com 21000 match
works perfectly for me and I'm on windows aswell.

so far I liked this release, I didnt come to play it a loot yet but I'm definately going to ;)
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i dont listen the radio voices :S
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when you snipe people it says "you headshot ???" isnt it meant to be headshotted?

or even better "sniped".
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Shot is past tense.
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I think the choice of words for a knife gib is not great. "Slashed" sounds very singular. For example, if you slash someones tires you don't have to do it twice. As it usually takes 2+ "slashes" to kill someone it seems unrealistic to have to console output a that you got slashed. On a second note, I think since the knife is a gory interpersonal means of dying it should have a more significant word. Suggestions: shanked, minced, or lacerated, ect.
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sooooooo..... whats new in anything, like major?
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we'll jake , they fixed bugs ;)
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please post md5sum

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Can we pause/rewind/ff demos yet?!?!? Making videos is a major pain in the ass without this option..
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This is still going to be the closest thing to rewinding. I've not heard any indication that the devs intend to implement a demo rewind feature.

But you can fast-forward! :D
gamespeed 1000

And you can pause!
paused 1
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gamespeed 101 - 1000
gamespeed 99 - 10

100 is default ;)
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LOL, I was missing a zero!
Thanks Robbeh. <3
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Here is a rewind-like workaround script that I wrote for ya'll to make the whole process less annoying. :p
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