1.1 Beta Install for Windows
How do you install the windows version of the beta?

BTW, I'm terrible at anything to do with code, so help would be appreciated.
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You dont need to know anything about coding.
You download it and press the assaultcube bat file and play.
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1) Install Subversion, The client only version.
2) Create a folder in you my docs folder (call it whatever you want, mine is ac)
3) open a cli and cd to the new new directory u made then type

svn co https://actiongame.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/actiongame actiongame

This takes a while and will download about 2gb as it downloads all the branches too (different test versions)

when it is finished downloading change directory to your my docs\ac\actiongame\trunk\ac folder and run the assaultcube.bat file

There may be other ways but that worked for me m8.
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2gig ?!
With tortoise its about 140meg or something.
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i downloaded the whole thing, not just the trunk version.
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I had arke's guide a few days ago but google cache lost it :(
Same result as Billybob's, but here's what I remember:

1) Download and install TortoiseSVN. Restart.
2) Make a new folder somewhere, where SVN will be kept. Open the folder, right click, and press SVN Checkout. The URL is
3) Once done, you can update by right clicking and pressing update.
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Thanks everyone. I got it working :)
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Technically it isn't a beta... just the development version. A lot of people seem
to be getting confused over it.
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Ruthless is right. It is the development version and it will be changing constantly until the release is ready.

If it goes time between you play it you need to run an SVN checkout every time.
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