TO ALL SERVER ADMINS: How to be the best Admin Ever!
Thank you Jack ( for creating this. I find them to be excellent guidelines that everybody (admins and players alike) should follow on any server. Read here:

Opinion: I would like to add that going straight to a server and claiming admin makes you look like a total douchebag. First of all, you can't be kicked or banned so you can go ahead and flame and tk people for glory. And, it looks like you want to show off your "mighty" powers and be "badass."

If you feel that you have been unfairly kicked or a server has been abused by an admin or players, DO NOT MAKE A NEW THREAD!!! Instead, do this:
1. Get the server name
2. Get the player's IP address (/whois cn) and/or name
3. Try to get a screenshot (/screenshot) and/or demo (/getdemo)
4. Contact the server owner (IRC, email, forum, website)
5. Swear loudly and profanely :D

-JGAN (*rAgE*borat)
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excellent guide.
nice job jack
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Thread made me LOL at its patheticness tbh.
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(26 Sep 10, 09:01PM)RandumKiwi Wrote: Thread made me LOL at its patheticness tbh.

which is why i exist :)
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You exist to troll?

Great. You bring no value to society.
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Lawl. I only wrote that up because a couple of people were screwing about with admin and I wanted to make sure it wouldn't happen again. I'm glad someone likes it though.
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(26 Sep 10, 09:18PM)RandumKiwi Wrote: You exist to troll?

Great. You bring no value to society.

what's wrong with the thread ? it's funny and useful. Imho.
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* JGAN trolls the NZ servers XD
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You'd think that people are smart and abuse wouldn't happen, but it did. So the guide is useful.
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Kiwi just had a bad day at work.
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Trolls exist to provide out of work Knights with a quest to gain experience before they save the damsel in distress. As for these forums, blame Kiwi for the cancer. That's retarded moderatorship at it's best, and worst. As for this thread it's ridiculous, I do agree with the modtard there. Servers are provided by admins and if you don't like how they run things then...

1. Hit ESC button
2. Bring up ingame menu
3. Select Disconnect
4. Re-Open Serverlist
5. Find a different server
6. Play
7. If you managed to find yet another server that is not too your liking, then rinse and repeat steps 1 - 6 until a suitable lollipop playground has been found for your obviously prancing pony tastes.
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(27 Sep 10, 05:22AM)BrickSquad Wrote: draul why are you still here and still being a douche?
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ooooo lame..... lol
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Im not her to flame you BrickSquad. Ive already had warning points cos of you.
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This thread is getting off topic.
@JGAN: Thank you for posting that link, there are a lot of admins that do a very poor job of running their servers, and I think that jack's guide is a pretty good one. You should note, however, that some people "going straight to a server and claiming admin" are doing so because they are caught in a range ban, but still have admin access to various servers, and thus use /adminconnect to get on (myself included).
@RK: No reason to cut him down like that...
@DrauL: No need to explode like that. It was one mocking comment in response to a previous mocking comment.
@MorganKell: Respect, please.
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Due several restrictions (mods aren't able to remove the post of an admin, even if it contains useless stuff) this thread can't be re-opened in the way Drakas mentioned here:

As an information for the threadstarter and others - there is already a guide for this:

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idk why you said "CAN'T be re-opened" and opened it but thanks anyways :)
also, U|Zarj, you can get past range-bans by using a range-ban password that does NOT claim admin. duh.
// list of additional server admin passwords
// WARNING: You can NOT use CubeScript in here!!
// one password per line

// Use the following scheme...
// password [denyadmin]
// optional: if denyadmin is set to '1', the password can only be used to connect to the server in case of ban, not to claim admin

password 1
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(27 Sep 10, 10:16PM)JGAN Wrote: also, U|Zarj, you can get past range-bans by using a range-ban password that does NOT claim admin. duh.

I'm well aware of that fact, but why have two passwords when I only need one?
Besides which, I'm not the one who owns the servers, and I only have admin passes, not a deban.
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well then that is the server owners fault. thats not a reason to say why people go straight to a server to claim admin.
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