AssaultCube 1.3 Lockdown-Edition
(22 Dec 21, 11:37PM)Some of the statements that you have made are possibly valid. These are early days, let us wait and see. What you have not mentioned is that since the last update, all I have ever heard,  players almost demanding a new version. Well we got it. Ok it is not what you personally desired, but am sure the dev team,  are taking note.Let us not forget amigo, these people have spent weeks and weeks of planning and coding to try and make AC more acceptable to more players. No word of payment has been mentioned.Ok there are issues. I do think perhaps the maps are still looking dated. Gloomy to be honest. Which encourages custom map making etc.As for server installation. I have tried numerous times to compile the native server with Centos . It reports missing files.  Namely 'windows.h'As for the Emoji, Stef came up with that idea a few years ago. I have noticed during game play quite a few players experiment with it. So perhaps it is a good addition. Better to have, than not have. As I mentioned, let us wait and see. Wrote: This is a good time to show you a few things. Note another huge drop in the amount of players that were in version 1.2 so watch how many are in version 1.3 (The change happened just 2 weeks ago). This happened in the past also when they (devs) changed weapon damage, when they restricted map creation, etc. Every time the Devs "touch" the game they manage to kill more and more players. (emoji dont work here)
The game could exist with a lot of players and be very attractive, even today. Old games have their charm and many fans. But here we are again!
One more shot in the players' faces, and for what? Emojis? A weird nade? Pizza break? More maps of Halo and your friends? Servers that kick for inactivity (2sec)? A mobile version (nobody plays, it sucks). So that the game loses its dynamics and becomes slow like Counter Strike, right?
That's why we also have so many inactives on Discord.
It's a shame this game was never made for gamers. Players know this, so they don't participate in creating the new versions. Players know that they will not be heard, that maps will be chosen by the king's friends. That an entire community of players (Gema -- Its called GEMA not Parkour - Don't know what GEMA is? True? Where have you been for these 10 years?) will be destroyed. Anyway, the king is naked. Again.
Welcome to: AC Halo's Counter Strike Edition + Inactivity Kick Addon

Where am I wrong?

my sincere opinion
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