Custom weapon model texture not showing
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(12 Aug 18, 03:53AM)kemoni221 Wrote: (Probably a fix)
I've copied the "packages\models\weapons\carbine" directory and saved my texture and model (in a .blend file) in it. Then, I've opened my .blend model and set up new material, texture and UVMap. After I was done with everything I saw that my texture's path was really long, so I've changed it to "//skin_weapon.jpg" (this means that the texture will be opened from my .blend file's directory), then saved the file and exported to .md3 and everything works just fine

You forgot the md3.cfg?
Open it in notepad and make links to your model/skin


md3load tris.md3
md3skin weapon skin.jpg
md3skin hands skin_hands.jpg
md3emit tag_muzzle 10 50 100

I had everything linked in md3.cfg, but looks like md3 is a bit more complicated than a rock
When I made sure that before exporting there's only needed stuff in the model (ex. got rid of animations, frames, unused worlds, excessive materials and textures) and that everything is linked and unwrapped correctly it started to work

Idk it worked for me after first try, so it must have been something on export. Also, md3exporter splits edges based on uv seams! So....the less uvs you have, the less verts the exported model is going to dont go crazy with the unwrap details.
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