Experimental dev "SDL2" package for Mac OS X
It is dropping shots for sure. I can see the SDL events scroll by, but it won't shoot. It almost makes me think that I'm trying to shoot too fast, but I was finding I'd replicate this easiest with the pistol. I'll possibly look into the code about this.

It happens even locally, so its not some sort of anticheat.

In regards to your post:
1. whether game runs and on what Mac version.
Yes, OS: 10.12.5
2. whether fullscreen works ("fullscreentoggle" command and entry in menu Settings->Video settings)
Yes, although it doesn't wait for resetgl (awkward in the menus)
3. whether gamma changing works - for example "Set temporary gamma for this map" in menu Settings->Video settings,
4. whether system shortcuts like Alt+Tab work (of course Mac specific :)),
5. whether some crashes appear and when.
None yet
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