Should new AC version keep/restore support for 32-bit Mac?
(05 Dec 16, 01:36AM)Boomhauer Wrote: If it's possible to NOT exclude someone from playing AC it would be nice. I have no idea how much work it is to continue to release a 32 bit mac version. Is it something that is very time consuming? I would say if it's something that doesn't require a huge amount of effort then you might as well keep it.

You are right, in principle, but Mac is specific. Compiling 32-bit frameworks (libraries) isn't big problem, but thought it's some nuisance (for example it should be done on real Mac, not virtual).
After recent searching I found in Internet, that Apple sold last 32-bit Macs about 10 years ago, so nowadays they are rare and increasingly rarer, because they are technically weak and commonly unsupported. And probably they usually aren't the only computers "at home", especially at gamers. So "better to focus on more important things" and use prepared 64-bit frameworks, especially, if practically players don't use 32-bit Macs to play AC.
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