My face when Kitchenz and SWAT_silent_day_2.4 are low quality maps
(26 Oct 15, 05:21PM)RaverZ Wrote: The added game play mechanic that multiple pick-ups offer is so rich that it has kept players coming back to the game, its refreshing, it adds to the game play and players love it, specially when you realize its full potential. It is also very helpful on certain gema maps where nade jumps are implemented, cause that way you donĀ“t have to wait 30 secs for armour to spawn to try the jump. You, of all people, who have a zombie server should know the fun it is to try to kill "buffed up targets", etc...

In regards to my server, I use a modded protocol. Although the server is technically seen by the master server, you cannot connect to it through the ms list. This is how all [modded] servers were supposed to be, at least with the way our current ms works.

I liked 1104 and map restrictions did get rather tight for 1202 but they were not so great even for 1104. Gema was never supposed to be and not having multiple pickups on one spot creates tactic.

I don't mind big maps; I honestly wish there were more. If headshot city actually had real creativity in it, then it might not have been such an issue.

I have bad ideas coming for me, I'm off to try and break some stuff.

Side note, is gema a thing in cube 2 sauer?
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