My face when Kitchenz and SWAT_silent_day_2.4 are low quality maps
(26 Oct 15, 04:10PM)X-Ray_Dog Wrote: Actually, having maps with multiple pickups on one spot was never supposed to happen. It's because mappers keep breaking the rules that map restrictions have to be so tight. Mas could be more open and free if shit like that wasn't a constant thing. It's your own fault, now you suffer @raverz.

The added game play mechanic that multiple pick-ups offer is so rich that it has kept players coming back to the game, its refreshing, it adds to the game play and players love it, specially when you realize its full potential. It is also very helpful on certain gema maps where nade jumps are implemented, cause that way you donĀ“t have to wait 30 secs for armour to spawn to try the jump. You, of all people, who have a zombie server should know the fun it is to try to kill "buffed up targets", etc...

On the other hand, I'm really tired of shine, des3, sunset, power maprots, those are the ones that should be BANNED on sight, and yet we keep nitpicking on "unintended features" as if those are responsible for the decline on the playerbase.

Servers like mpx, 5finger, q-be, mathias's, iggy's are marginally played, and those feature other modes and plenty of variation...

Plenty of ideas come to mind as to increase involvement of the community with the forum and ACs webpage, but I'm tired of trying to figure out what is going on on "elite forum" and devs heads that always seem so out of touch with the game.

Instead of shaming users of headshotcity, camper, gema and swat maps, get them to speak out and have a meaningful impact on this game, for its better good.
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