Servers with unconverted map configs
Precisely, if a server owner doesn't bother checking the maps on his server by himself, he obviously has no clue / doesn't care, and the most effective solution is to ban his server from the MS.
If he asks for support and motivations for the ban he will be told what to do, if he does not then his server won't be a great loss.

We can't fix every broken server by ourselves, thats not even something you would realistically ask for.
Heres the thing with assaultcube as we knew it for years : there are no official servers, and no officially supported gameplay. As long as it is the case the only way to prevent the game from going nowhere is to put some restrictions in place. Imo there should be more freedom given to custom servers but they should not be the ones you connect to in the first place. Its something we have worked on with drakas while designing the match client and the ac league, but it is also something, i am afraid, the other current devs of assaultcube are not considering.

These are basically the 3 options we have :
1) Current AC state : when you open up the game, any mode/map is equally available to you (including twin towers team LSS) provided by custom servers
2) Current devs wish as it appears to me : when you open up the game, only reasonable game modes are available, provided by custom servers (not much more direction, but at least no stupid maps)
3) ACL goal : limited type of gameplay / map & modes offered (3vs3, competitive oriented, 10 minutes each side and scores registered...) but you also have the option to join custom servers with the most ridiculous modes if you want (it will just be obvious its not what the game is supposed to be)

Many people on the forums want to stick to 1) and are using irrelevant arguments for it (freedom, or any other kind of bs that doesn't apply to a video game) and don't realize this is the worst option for this game to attract new players or even survive.
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