Servers with unconverted map configs
(12 May 15, 05:53PM)stef Wrote: Servers who deliver broken content that causes errors on clients and results in broken maps being played - and show no intention of fixing it for over a year - are being defended here? Seriously?

I never stated those people were doing great their job at all, but unlike you, I am not all white or all black, I don't think those server owners does not deserve the death sentence because of their acts, I am pretty sure those people are not doing it to mess with you Stef, they are just ignorant, and banning them will never fix the issue, new people will continue to create new servers with broken maps because they are not aware of the mess they cause. Just try to communicate with server owners instead of taking the easy punishment way. The reason you want to ban them is not even in the rules stated by Jamz, start by editing his post first, it's not the USA here, we don't change the law in purpose to make the past punishments beeing relevants.
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