Last-minute wishes for the next map format
That transparency is something I'd like to see on the TODO list, maybe Lucas can help out with his experiences there?

I guess having no 'stepping' on those sloped clips will make it feel like floating, which will be rather weird indeed.

How about that, you will step up/down only when you have done one full cube-hight (or reaching solid ground of course). So you will not have that cube-by-cube stuttering on rather gentle slopes. Read when you have a 1/4 rise you will only step up any 4th cube horizontally. Sure, the models visual borders will not correspond perfectly then, but tbh they don't do anyway. This might be a good compromise between 'floating' to 'stuttering', when every horizontal cube width was taken into account. Almost flat slopes will not have an step up/down effect at all then. Well, effectively like what you suggested with the 25% cap I suppose...  :P
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