Free to Play Games DYING?
I don't think it's dying. :)


- Let's everyone try it without buyer's regret if they dislike it.
- Pwns piracy. Which is a rampant, major issue for PC & Mobile.


- Usually done in a greedy way(pay-to-win, or super hard level requiring some microtransactions to help get past it).

As long as it's done similar to Team Fortress 2's business model, a F2P game can be great.
So hopefully the bad business models die and we see more 'fair' models a la Dota 2/TF2/etc.

As for completely free games like AC. It's problem is, it brought in many players who needed something lightweight to run on their cheap integrated graphics laptop. But technology has improved and those people can pretty much play games like TF2 now. It's alright to not be Battlefield 4. But it's not alright to be Doom 1 anymore. AC could use a boost, but idk how far it can go before the engine explodes. Not to mention, nobody will be willing to redo all the graphics.

Until suddenly...dun dun dun....AC2 pops up on kickstarter and raises money to keep a few devs home all day making our new awesome game.
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