About current politics owners servers and developers
Loosing matches in a public league has nothing to do with this. Don't mix up two different things. And since you're interested, we didn't loose matches against the teams that was removed we lost in the first knock-out round. Please read a bit more information before you make rash statements: http://wiki.cubers.net/action/view/Tear_...Tournament

It's our property, so unless you're willing to pay for my server 149.00 € with monthly 69.00 € I suggest you stop being a smart ass.

(19 Jun 11, 09:18AM)Vlad Wrote:
(18 Jun 11, 10:09PM)MCS Wrote: well, see, servers owners are the police, the judge, and jury. If you feel otherwise, feel free to cough up hundreds of dollars to support these SERVICES. Then you might get a say.

In the citation a question is - are judges worthy ?

To make the server this is one thing, but decide who can play and who no, who will be ban and who will be unban, on whom to hang up a label - its other thing.
Here you cant use manual from dev and you cant pay to hosting to solve this problem. All responsibility false on you. And here again we come back in other part of my post which probably have not read (after ©)

Small tyrants :D Look at sports : sportsmen who used a dope are fined and supposed to competitions after a certain period. But here you think hacks its much serious crime ?!
Also im sure there are personal reason... Possibly, you has offended, when you officially lost matches in TyD league , and it has appeared that it was Cheaters.
Yes, everything begun from TyD league.

You should concern easier to life and game. Make clean period of ban.

ps: i hosted servers and i will do it again, if i will need it ;)

(19 Jun 11, 09:50AM)Vlad Wrote: read again what i wrote and estimate nubmer of servers that using thier bl.
Question in responsibility and system - It simply is not present.

Please re-read this point, as stated in TERMS OF SERVICE:
Quote:With downloading and installing this blacklist on the user's server this blacklist the user agrees that the blacklist has been created in the light of Tear you Down!'s server policy as amended from time to time. With installing the blackist on the user's server the blacklist becomes his property and part of his responsibilities as server host. Tear you Down! is not responsible for any bans caused by a blacklist on servers which aren't hosted and maintained by Tear you Down!
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