THE WALL ( no pink floyd :D )
Yes -- there is a difference between a low "wall" and a "solid" wall.
The low wall is made by raising the floor up. It does not count as separating rooms when the game calculates room size.
The solid wall is made by selecting "solid 1" (I believe keybound to your "6" key). It is counted as a separator.
I think the way the game figures out the 10,000 cube limit is by seeing what rectangles can be drawn that don't contain any "solid 1" cubes. So, for example, having a hallway 20x400 cubes connected to a room 40x200 means that a rectangle could be drawn in there 20x600, 12,000 cubes. So, even though both rooms are under the limit, the open rectangular area shared by them is too big. (In this case, if the doorway is narrowed to ten cubes, for example, then the shared open area is only 6000 cubes and does not break the requisites.)

I'm not sure if the mapstats are correct in 1104 if it says that a newmap 7's average ceiling height is 27. XD

I don't know about the ceiling height problem, I'm working on a map that can't pass it. XD
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