AssaultCube 1.3 Lockdown-Edition BETA-1
Hello everybody
AssaultCube v1.3 Lockdown-Edition BETA-1 has been released.
This is a beta release - you can expect things to be broken and unstable.

Please make sure you delete your existing AC v1.3 profile folders before running the game. The folders are located at "[...]\My Games\AssaultCube\v1.3*" on Windows, "~/.assaultcube/v1.3*" on Linux, [...]/assaultcube/v1.3*" on Mac.
Changes since ALPHA-2 are as follows:
- Updated maps and preview pictures
- Improve current auth system #263
- Spectator fov bugfix #331
- Scrolling randomly selects menu items #329
- server side of getmap for non-coop #349
- togglespect updated to spectatemode 5 changes #344
- impossible to shoot #300
- Updated AC History (RAW)
Critical issues:
- NVidia driver crash - Does this happen to you as well?
- Enabling Vsync drops FPS to 2-7 - Does this happen to you as well?
- It has been flagged that there is unfinished work in the server/protocol of the game that could impact the game significantly. We are waiting for more information in order to analyze this.
- Windows
- Linux
- Mac
Further information:
- Known Issues here, here,here
Bug Reports:
We are kindly asking you to report any bugs on Github and don't forget to add "[release_1.3_beta1]" to the subject. Please always include a screenshot or video. Also, please check the known issues list to see if your bug was already reported. If one of the existing bugs is not properly resolved (it happens :) then please re-reopen the existing bug instead of creating a new one. Thank you!
Note, in order to see the proper server list:
- Press T and type /mastertype 0
- Navigate to Multiplayer->Force serverlist update
- Navigate to Multiplayer->Join a server

Thank you very much for your support.
Thanks given by: Gazda , xemi , SrPER$IAN , RandomPanda

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