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The thing is, it's not about nicknames. It's about people and what they do.

That guy is a racist antisemitic douche bag who provokes White Supremacy discussions and enjoys luxuriating in his self-attested intellectual superiority. In order to get his shit talks going he utilizes that very nickname, those silly puns on the voice-command prompts and any occasion someone criticizing something unrelated, taking the statement and clumsily turning the blame on Jews...

So, everybody has the right to be an asshole, however, everybody else has the right to not invite assholes to their party.

When I load up AC and enter a server I want to relax, switch off the brain and have a good time with others who enjoy playing this old Arcade First Person Shooter. No politics, no religion. If you're out to spread your worldview, do it somewhere in the real world, start a movement, join a party, sit down in talk shows or if you're too lazy to even get off your chair, just spam every social network there is. That's all fine, but constantly vomiting your propaganda into an in-game text chat is nothing but a hopelessly idiotic waste of time, as nothing is gained but people stop playing that frigging game they logged on for in the first place. There's certainly no change of views and opinions happening, one way or the other, because of those one-liner arguments where oh so convincing... Fucking hell, I'm so tired of that shit.

However, As far as I understand there's little that can be done to lock him out of the server, since he knows how to get around the available mechanics. The other day, I proposed putting a ban on the entire Australian IP-range and handing out de-ban passes to legit players over there. But, probably he's going to use VPNs then and come back in no time and we're back to square one.

Anyway, nobody can expect the people in charge of that server to monitor and kick/ban that one troublemaker 24/7. ZZ-servers are generally well administrated and its obvious to me that they are trying their best to provide a friendly place to have fun in, but this guy just knows some trick to kick the door open again and again. Therefore, it's unjustified to point fingers at ZZ like this, 1Cap. This is probably more playing into the cards of that particular guy, than helping to solve the case, which appears to be a hopeless one actually.

To be honest, I'd just like to see him taking on a reasonable nickname, give up shit stirring and simply enjoy playing the game and taking his discussions to a place somewhere else. I guess that's quite naive, though.
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