I would like to open this space to share all the information about this cheater called "normman". Currently this is the worst cheater who still insists on staying in this game. Next I'll try to explain why I say this.

1) Flood servers - He uses a script to lock the server. By triggering this script he automatically starts connecting to the server and calls the vote for a map ... a second later he disconnects from the server ... then he reconnects and calls the vote again ... getting in this looping constantly locking the server game.

2) Behavior - He has a very bad education. I have already realized that he is not a child but an older person. In an extremely offensive way he curses other players by creating a bad atmosphere for fun. 

3) Xenophobic and prejudice - He uses the game to spread his xenophobic and biased ideas. He speaks in hate about Brazil, Israel and other countries and cultures. Speak It all in an articulate and serious way. This is very critical.

4) Racist - Uses words of hate against blacks and Asians.

5) Ban evade - Every time he is banned from a server he reconnects almost immediately.

6) Against game, admins and mods - Every time he feels threatened he emphasizes that he is the greatest player in the AC and that he will never be stopped. He says that topics in the forum will not make a difference because no one can stop him.

7) Idols - He has manifested himself several times citing the "Undead" and "Bear's" as his idols.

8) Bullying - He is a voracious practitioner of bullying. This does me no harm but his intention is ridiculously offensive and unhealthy.

Anyone who wishes and can please help here ...
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