[Release] Protox Mod (All new icons & effects)
This mod modifies most visible icons and effects in Assault Cube 1.1

Download: [Image: c4SyE.png]
Download from DeviantArt
Download from Akimbo.in

March 22, 2011 - Version 2.0.5:
+ Modified protox_mod.bat to allow arguments when launched from cmd [Reported by Gibstick]
+ New base.png (spark effect on bullet impact)
+ New bullethole.png (bullet indent in walls)
+ New explosion.png (more detailed grenade explosion, generated with Filter Forge using Explosion Filter)
+ New muzzleflash.jpg (bigger and more detailed)
+ New smoke.png (spark and smoke effect for sniper shot)
+ Modified voteicons.png (added checkmark and x indications for votes, tweaked hand icon)
+ Modified protox_mod_preview.jpg and renamed from preview.jpg
+ Renamed readme.txt to protox_mod_readme.txt
+ Removed screenshot.jpg to reduce filesize

Sept. 13, 2010 - Version 2.0.1:
+ Slight edit of startscreen.png, so the startscreen does not block map loading text. [reported by Orynge]
+ Added preview.jpg to mod contents

[Image: 85HRC.jpg]

In Game Screenshot:
[Image: 7WNVK.jpg]

This mod changes the following icons/effects:
base.png - new bullet spark effect
blood.png - new blood decals, much more blood
bullethole.png - new bullet hole effect
com.png - new voice communication icon
compass-base.png - new compass base
compase-rose.png - new compass NWSE section
ctficons.png - new flag icons for ctf
explosion.png - new explosion effect
htficons.png - new flag icons for htf
huddigits.png - new hud numbers
items.png - new item icons for all weapons/items
ktficons.png - new ktf icons
muzzleflash.jpg - new weapon muzzleflash
scope.png - new sniper scope crosshair
smoke.png - new spark and smoke effect for sniper shot
startscreen.png - new start/loading screen
teamicons.png - new team icons and logos
voteicons.png - new vote icons
crosshairs\teammate.png - new teammate do not shoot icon

Alternative icons:
alt_scope.png - alternative clean sniper scope
alt_smoke.png - new regular style smoke

Old (still included):
old_smoke.png - red spiral sniper effect

Unzip the file and place the contents into your Assault Cube folder
Start protox_mod.bat

Special Thanks:
Developers of Assault Cube
Developers of Cube/Sauerbraten game and engine
Assault Cube community and especially the official forums
Primevil, this mod was inspired and based on his GFX Mod

Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported
Thanks given by:

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