Last-minute wishes for the next map format
(09 May 15, 11:15PM)Alien Wrote: Preventing saving map with map restriction error.
Map restrictions will be handled differently in the future - but that's not an issue for the file format.

(09 May 15, 11:15PM)Alien Wrote: Next it would be nice to load old map and save it new format.
All maps are converted during load (as it has always been). This is map format 10. The format versions 0..9 can all still be loaded (at least in theory - I don't have any older than format 6).

One question would be, if it would be helpful, if newer versions could still save to format 9.

(10 May 15, 05:27AM)XFA Wrote: Map mode restrictions, ie. map can't be played on teammodes
Has been partially in place since AC 1.0 (if a map has no team spawns, the server won't allow votes for team modes).
Format 10 has one of those free-form extensions in planning for more detailed mode descriptions - with info for player numbers and preferred modes. It will contain information similar to that what is currently written into good maprots - like minimum player numbers for certain modes.

PS: it's too early to expect great particle emitters: I just enabled what was already implemented. But I'll try to add at least a usable steam emitter. But that's not a file format change, so it'll have to wait.
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