Help us to put this illegal site down
Assaultcube is an open source game, developed and supported by the members of this community. We do not receive any money for this, and sometimes we need to put our personal lives a bit aside to keep the game living. Personally I love this game, and I expect to continue to work for it forever.

Sometimes it is an awful task, because we face people with childish behavior (in the game and in the forums), unhappy supporters cursing us for trying to evolve the game, resentful obsessive crazy guys willing to DoS attack us, and sometimes waves of cheaters disrupting the overall game play.

Sometimes we (the developers) do not have time, nor skill, nor strength, nor patience to handle these issues. So it is crucial to promote honest responsible people in this community to help. I believe the strength of this game lays in its community and the passion of its players.

I am posting this thread because we are facing a big issue, and we need your help.

As you must know we are being impersonated by
They made a nice webpage with youtube videos "promoting" the game, and they have a big blinking "Download The Game" button to some unverified/suspect client (hosted by

We do not know who are behind this shit, but we are sure their intentions are not good.
I would not care if they were simply renaming the game, and releasing it with their modifications. Or if they were just promoting, but linking the download to the official site (in sourceforge).

But they don't.
It pisses me to know they are using our name to spread suspect media.

We must put this site down.
We (the developers) do not have the skill nor knowledge to remove them from internet... we don't know about legal stuff... we need a lawyer to help/guide/lead us here.

Also, I am sure if our community start to report this site to it's ISP and to the search engines, soon they will be out of the internet.

whois over their ip returns "Liquid Web, Inc"
So please, send an e-mail to: [email protected] reporting as illegal copyrighted content and phishing.

Also, report this on mediafire, google, youtube, yahoo, facebook and all medias they are using to spread their unverified/suspect client.
[email protected]

Help us to enhance this game, and make it better to us all.
Thank you for your effort. It will be greatly appreciated.
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