AssaultCube 1.3+ Bug Reports
Please report any bugs that you may find in the current version of AssaultCube here. I will update this post periodically so that there is a list of known bugs in the current version in this post.

Current known bugs:
  • No quicknadethrow???
  • Major issues with coopedit, server/client not allowing proper /sendmap /getmap, modifications to maps not saving properly in coopedit. Unknown cause.
  • autoteam not behaving properly, chooses the wrong client the majority of the time resulting in highly unbalanced teams on public servers. Unknown cause.

Current known bugs "fixed" in 1.4 branch:
  • Crouch keybind not lowering camera in edit mode. Left shift and right shift will lower the camera in the 1.4 branch. Needs a better fix however to check for the actual crouch keybind being pressed. *Link to commit that fixes this.*
Thanks given by: 1Cap
I believe there is a very serious bug in this edition of the game. This problem is in the player's authentication key. This feature should be used so that a player can register his name and use it safely. That is great. But the -meanduck-server admin, for example, is using it to block players from joining. This is a public server which is using masterserver. It is very serious that this is happening, especially as it hinders new players from playing. Often only this server has a player and there is no way to enter. This blocking is done without good reason. -- If a player needs to be previously authorized by an admin to join this server, then it is not a public server for sure. This is characteristic of a private server. meanduck server needs to become a private server.
This is a totally wrong use of access authentication in this new version. I think it needs to be fixed.
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(30 Jun 23, 07:06AM)1Cap Wrote: Acredito que haja um bug gravíssimo nessa edição do jogo. Esse problema está na chave de autenticação do player. Este recurso deve ser usado para que um jogador possa registrar seu nome e usá-lo com segurança. Isso é ótimo. Mas o administrador -meanduck-server, por exemplo, o está usando para impedir que os jogadores entrem. Este é um servidor público que está usando masterserver. É muito grave que isso esteja acontecendo, principalmente porque impede novos jogadores de jogar. Muitas vezes só esse servidor tem player e não tem como entrar. Esse bloqueio é feito sem um bom motivo. -- Se um jogador precisa ser previamente autorizado por um administrador para entrar neste servidor, então não é um servidor público com certeza. Isso é característico de um servidor privado. O servidor meanduck precisa se tornar um servidor privado.
Este é um uso totalmente errado da autenticação de acesso nesta nova versão. Acho que precisa ser consertado.

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To better assist that problem, most of the problem could be avoided by keeping up with your authkey you created when you launched 1.3 for the first time. Even if you delete it, reinstall, or whatever might be the case, if you provide the old authkey, things would go right back to normal. Now I know I'm guilty of this too, I haven't wrote down mine anywhere. But that would solve most of your problems. Stop creating new authkeys every other day. Personally, I think more servers should be set up to use the authkey system. It adds another level of protection and admining.
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